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Picture This: Always Use a HIPAA-Compliant Camera for Patient Photos

How compliant are your patient photo practices? If you use photos in patient care and those photos have any identifiable information, using a HIPAA-compliant camera is a must. The camera itself need not be bulky […]

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Smartphones vs. Pagers: Compare and Discover Why Secure Texting is Best

It might seem like a pointless question – smartphones vs. pagers? Glance down at all the apps and features on your phone. You’ll have 100 reasons why it’s preferable to a little black box that […]


8 Reasons Why Physicians are Adopting HIPAA-Compliant Secure Texting

Healthcare, with all its technological advances, finds itself stuck in the dark ages, with pagers, phone calls and standard sms texting still having a heavy hold on physicians across the country. And even though pagers […]


Qliq Turns Your Smartphone into a HIPAA Compliant Camera

From monitoring patient vitals, to keeping tabs on physical therapy and dietary habits, leveraging smartphones for patient care has been the key theme for the past decade. What if the camera of a smartphone was […]

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