Introducing QliqCHAT

Secure Texting App

Speed Care Team Collaboration

A secure texting application that provides a real-time, secure, and HIPAA-compliant communication experience. Connecting every care team member and facilitating effective, patient-focused collaboration.

More Than Just Texting

  1. Seamlessly navigate between secure texting, voice, and video calls
  2. Capture and share images, video, and audio
  3. Capture consent signatures
  4. Communicate with external groups

A Very Valuable Tool

“We chose QliqSOFT based on ease of use and ease of maintenance. Knowing that the physicians have a HIPAA-compliant tool for effective communication allows me, as CIO, to sleep better. Sharing patient information between doctors and nurses securely and real-time over their cell phones has proven to be a very valuable tool for all.”
Bill Bishop, CIO
Colquitt Regional Medical Center

Implement in a Day and Get Immediate Results

  • Coordinate Patient Admission and Transfers
  • Collaborate on Patient Care
  • Summon Code Teams (With Patient Context)
  • Communicate Test Results
  • Simplify OnCall Scheduling Outreach
  • Expedite Referrals
  • Speed Onboarding
  • Sign Consents and Forms to Quickly Share With the Home Office
  • Accelerate Specimen Processing
  • Share Diagnostic Results and Images
  • And Much More
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Key Capabilities

165+ Million HIPAA-Compliant
Secure Messages Are Sent Every Month

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Trusted by 1,000+ Customers

Box Butte General Hospital

Improved code and trauma team response. Faster patient check-ins.
Read About Their Success

Five Star Home Health

Saved six hours per week per staff. Speeding referral processing enabled them to grow their business.
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Treated more patients simultaneously. Identify and speed dispatch of resources.
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American Health Associates

Expedited field assignments and speed requisition processing.
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Live in As Little As One Day

  • Quick, three-step integration through QliqDIRECT
  • Bulk import of users and existing credentials for ease of roll-out
  • Set up initial set of Quick Messages
  • Intuitive workflow with embedded user guide
  • Easily assign users and departments to groups

Security You Can Trust

  • All media and data streams along with signaling data are encrypted by default
  • Access to all public-facing webpages is secured over TLS (HTTPS) ensuring full encryption of information
  • Data center is SOC 2 Type 2 certified
  • Integration with third party platforms using HL7, FHIR, REST APIs and JSON data
  • Real-time, secure HIPAA-compliant healthcare communication platform

Extend the Value of QliqCHAT With These Add Ons

Visit Path

Ensure staff safety in the field and quickly adapt to last-minute service needs

  • GPS-enabled tracking
  • Discrete distress signaling
  • Identify remote staff nearest to the patient for unplanned service requests
  • Electronic time-stamped visits
Explore Visit Path

Qliq-Assisted Calling

A Caller ID masking solution to place calls without exposing the care team's direct line or personal phone numbers

  • ID displays as your organization, protecting clinician privacy
  • Callbacks route to your designated phone line
  • Easy 2-step setup done in seconds
  • Keypad dialing support
Explore Qliq-Assisted Calling

Snap & Sign

Care team members can easily create, sign, and share PDFs, right from the QliqCHAT app

  • Sign consents, orders, and documentation
  • Capture intake forms at the bedside
  • Multi-party signature forwarding
Explore Snap & Sign

OnCall Scheduling

Give your care team the agility to view adjust and share on-call schedules

  • Automatic call routing
  • Real-time schedules
  • Instant access to staff
  • Shared calendars
Explore OnCall Scheduling


Provide client-side archive to support compliance and auditing needs

  • Lives behind your firewall
  • Archive policy under your control
  • No PHI stored in the cloud
  • Maintain compliance with robust end-user reports
  • QliqSTOR uploads can be sent to your EHR with the click of a button

Supplement Communication with Automation

Automate workflows with Quincy Virtual Care capabilities to offload routine administrative work from staff


Multilingual Digital Engagement

Quick Forms

Personalized Data & Signature Capture

Care Campaigns

Population-Level Outreach

Virtual Visits

App-less Telehealth Solution

Bridge The Communication Gap, Securely

Secure patient-focused collaboration has never been easier. Start redefining success today.

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