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General FAQ

What Products Does QliqSOFT provide?

The QliqSOFT platform consists of Qliq Secure Texting, Virtual Visits, Quincy healthcare chatbots, and dozens of amazing telehealth features to meet the communication and engagement needs of healthcare professionals while protecting protected health information (PHI). In addition to our products, we offer a wide range of professional services including project management, integration design, conversational AI chatbot dialogue flow design, and more.

Who Uses QliqSOFT?

What Differentiates QliqSOFT?

Why Is Patient Engagement Important?

How to Increase Patient Engagement?

What Is a Digital Front Door?

Qliq Secure Texting

Where can I find the Qliq application?

What devices can I use with the Qliq application?

Are there any devices that are not compatible?

Do I need a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to use Qliq Secure Texting?

Are there any limitations as to which operating system can be used with Qliq?

Does Qliq secure mobile messaging application interface with EHRs?

Does Qliq Secure Texting work with non-smartphones (regular old cell phones)?

Isn’t SMS texting secure? Why can’t I just use SMS?

How does Qliq Secure Texting avoid these same security problems as SMS?

How often do new releases become available?

What infrastructure (servers, database, storage, gateways) is required to implement Qliq?

Describe Qliq architecture.

Does Qliq encrypt the text messages?

What if a device is misplaced or lost?

What level of encryption does the qliqSOFT messaging platform use?

Where are text messages stored?

Does the end-user have the ability to save a text message locally on the device?

Is there a limit as to how many messages are stored locally?

What security measures are used to authenticate a user?

How long can messages be saved locally? Is the messaging evanescent?

How are policies administered?

Are policies universal or can they be applied differently to user groups?

What level of message tracking is available?

Can qliqSOFT's secure messaging application accept interfaces from other applications?

How many interfaces can the system simultaneously support?

Does your solution work with Active Directory?

Qliq Secure Texting - Functionality

Does Qliq allow peer-to-peer texting?

Does Qliq support group texting (one to many texting)?

Does Qliq support document or image sharing?

How do I send a text to another user who does not have the Qliq secure texting application?

Does the user have the ability to forward a text received to Qliq and non Qliq users?

Are there acknowledgments that a text was received and read?

Does qliqSOFT's secure messaging applications include message tracking?

Can I recall a message?

Does qliqSOFT secure messaging application offer presence-awareness (on-line, available, busy, etc...)?

Describe the management console/ Web Portal and its features and functionality.

What types of reports are available?

Can I invite other users, whether inside or outside of my organization, to join my Qliq group?

Qliq Secure Texting - Registration

How do I register for a qliqSOFT account?

How long does the verification process take?

What training is available for users?

What training is available for administrators?

What support is available?

What are the recommended settings for my device?

Qliq Secure Texting - Features

What is Qliq Assisted Calling?

Do you have OnCall Schedules?

Can outside organizations view our schedule?

What is Snap & Sign?

What is Snap & Fax?

What is HIPAA Camera?

Can you integrate Qliq Secure Texting?

Quincy Healthcare Chatbots

What is a chatbot?

What are Chatbots in Healthcare?

How do I get a Quincy healthcare chatbot?

How do you send or deploy a chatbot?

What’s a Care Campaign?

Can I use Care Campaigns to do appointment reminders?

Do I need anything else in order to utilize Care Campaigns?

My chatbot needs to collect data, how do I do this?

What types of forms do customers make in Quick Forms?

What are FAQs in a chatbot?

Do I need to have a live agent to monitor chatbot conversations?

Can I set up Away Messaging?

What is a Widget?

Do you have any more information about building bots or setting up widgets?

Can Chatbots integrate?

I don’t have content, do you?

Can Quincy healthcare chatbots do symptom checking?

Virtual Visits

What is a Virtual Visit?

Is this a pandemic solution?

How are Virtual Visits better than Zoom?

How do you work with Martti Translations Services by Cloudbreak?

How do you work with Suki?

Do you offer a visit scheduler?

How do patients get invited to their telehealth visit?

We started our visit, is it too late to add another participant?

Does Virtual Visits support multiple cameras?

Do you provide any technical support to make sure my patients can connect?

My office workflow includes patients being seen by more than one person, how do you handle that?

Visit Path

What is Visit Path?

Who uses Visit Path?

Can I use Visit Path to perform Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?

What is the Visit Path Distress Signal?


What is QliqDirect?

How long does it take to integrate QliqDIRECT with my Active Directory?

Can I automatically provision new staff through QliqDIrect?

Can I sync user subgroups?

What happens when someone’s enterprise password is changed?

Can I set my own syncing interval?


What is QliqSTOR?

Who uses QliqSTOR?

Does QliqSTOR provide reports?

How long are messages retained?

What kind of server do I need for QliqSTOR?

How much server space does QliqSTOR use?

I need to migrate my QliqSTOR to a new server, how do I do it?

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