API & Application Integration

Easy Application Integration for Patient-Centered Care

Our robust suite of APIs allows organizations to connect with their data, patients, and technology. For most vendors, this process would normally take months and open the door for countless unexpected expenses. QliqSOFT removes those barriers to entry and allows for easy integration in as little as one day.

  • Designed for easy, HIPAA compliant integration
  • All data stored and encrypted behind your firewall
  • Providers can upload from anywhere (no need for EHR sign in)
Screenshot of QliqCONNECT Secure Messaging integration

HIT Integration Is One Qliq Away

Integrate any of the Qliq products with your EHR for powerful workflow automation and drive better clinical coordination by maintaining your “source of truth” documentation system. Check out some of the key benefits to a few of our most popular APIs below.

Messaging API

  • Send messages via HTTPS using RESTful API.
  • Send and receive secure text messages from any application.
  • Use your favorite Secure Messaging functions like group messaging and exchanging images and documents.
  • Message delivery confirmations and read receipts give clinicians confidence as they share time-sensitive PHI
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User Management API

  • Use SCIM API to add, remove, or update user information.
  • Add, remove, and update Subgroups and their members.
  • Automatically update contacts on both mobile and desktop app.
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Active Directory Integration with QliqDIRECT

  • Easy, three-step, five-minute setup.
  • Control which users need to sync with Qliq cloud servers.
  • Qliq provides the option to sync AD groups and associated memberships automatically.
  • Users login to Qliq using existing AD credentials and changes are synced according to your set parameters.
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EHR Integration

  • Integrate with popular EHRs like Epic, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Homecare Homebase and more
  • Upload secure texting conversations and attachments to a patient record inside the EHR.
  • Automatically sync patient lists to enhance engagement among care teams
  • Write conversations back to the EHR eliminating errors in transcription and the need for manual processes
  • Direct integrations with the largest EHRs in acute and post acute.
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Platform Integrations

We’ve already done the work integrating the Quincy Healthcare Chatbots and Secure Texting with the following platforms, making them “plug and play” for your organization:

  • Salesforce
  • RightFax
  • CareSignal
  • Cloudbreak
  • Blockit
  • Isabel
  • and more
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BotCast - Instant Community Notifications

Covid-19 taught us a valuable lesson about the importance of rapidly communicating in real-time information to our communities. Our BotCast API allows organizations to send a secure SMS link to patients triggering a Quincy Healthcare Chatbot interaction that can:

  • Provide secure health notifications
  • Transmit test results
  • Market health fairs and events
  • Drive enrollment in services
  • Collect PROs, surveys, and more

BotCasts blanket your service area with the right message at the right time and compliment health system disaster management protocols.

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Virtual Care Integrations

Looking to enhance your Virtual Visits experience - consider these optional integrations that are making a huge impact with some of our most innovative customers:

  • Complete visit documentation and orders 76% faster with Suki, the voice-enabled digital assistant
  • Improve patient access for the millions in need of translation services with live translators hosted by Cloudbreak’s Martti system. 250+ Languages available 24/7
  • Make sure your digital forms automatically convert to your patient’s preferred language by enabling our QuickForms translations powered by Google Translate
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QliqSTOR Secure Storage

QliqSTOR is an optional, free, client-side secure archive available to all QliqSOFT customers.

  • An optional, free, client-side archive to support compliance and auditing needs.
  • Lives behind your firewall
  • Archive policy under your control
  • Maintain compliance with robust end-user reports
  • QliqSTOR uploads can be sent to your EHR with the click of a button
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Healthcare professional using a tablet

Trust the Leaders in Healthcare Communications

The QliqSOFT platform is designed from the ground up for healthcare—protecting PHI is not an add-on or afterthought. We take pride in providing healthcare's most secure communication platform on the market. Maybe you’re looking to connect conversations back to your EHR or trigger a mass engagement campaign to a specific segment of your market, or maybe you want to do something even more unique like Corticare did when they integrated their EGG monitoring software with Qliq Secure Texting to automate life-saving alerts that trigger clinical interventions in real-time. Check out their story here, and remember - whatever your need is, we’ve got you covered.

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