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Speed Time to Therapy and Improve Medication Adherence

Digital engagement solutions guide HCPs and Patients through successful enrollment, onboarding and ongoing therapy.​

Prescribing specialty medications to patients requires a complex approval and provisioning process that involves multiple hand offers to capture patient information, approval and consent across HUB services, pharmaceutical manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, providers and payers. Too often, inefficient processes requiring multiple phone calls and fax exchanges occur resulting in a delay in therapy.

Quincy’s digital engagement and communication platform streamlines enrollment, approvals and ongoing patient management with 2-way secure chat, automated chatbots and video visits.

Optimize Specialty Rx fulfillment and support through digital engagement with HCPs and Patients​

Decrease Time to Therapy

Reduce communication and documentation obstacles by replacing phone calls and faxes

Increase Medication Adherence

Reduced consumer abandonment and improve medication adherence to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction

Reduce Provider Burden

Ease enrollment process for  HCPs and speed authorization​

Improve Patient Engagement

Support patients with digital engagement to  drive improvement in healthcare outcomes​

Part One: Revamping the Specialty Pharma Customer Experience

Hub services play a pivotal role helping patients navigate the complex manual processes to start their specialty medication. Read how digitizing hub processes offers new opportunities to speed access to lifesaving therapies.
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Part Two: Digitizing the Specialty Medication Process to Connect and Engage Patients

See how to shorten the time to therapy and improve medication adherence with digital patient engagement. Specialty pharmacies correspond with a growing demand for specialty drugs to treat patients diagnosed with chronic, complex diseases.
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With Automated Patient Engagement Solutions, You Can...

& eSignatures
Reduce Time Spent Chasing Consents
Patient Assistance
Support Program
Awareness & Activation
Offer Guided Service to Relevant Videos, PDFs, etc.
Refill Reminders, Coordinate Delivery, Assess Adherence
Welcome Kit
Enable First Access to Hub Platform. Educate and Welcome Patients
Deliver Coupons and Related Program Activation Opportunities
Identify and Engage with Potentially High-Risk Patients
Call Center
Offer Convenient 24/7 Self-Service Options

Quincy Digital Engagement Platform

Transform current manual workflows into integrated and automated secure communication to facilitate both HCP and Patient Support​

Automated Chat Interactions

Engaging Digital Conversations

2-Way Secure Chat

Streamline Communication

Secure Video Call

App-less Engagement

Care Campaigns

Cohort based, Timed, Email / Text Outreach ​

Bi-Directional Data

Quick Forms Collect Data & Signature Capture ​

Doctor showing a nurse QliqSOFT secure texting on his tablet.

Supplement Your Staff with Chatbots

The majority of pharmacy administrators reported turnover rates of at least 21 percent during 2021, with one in 10 saying that they had lost 41 percent or more of their technicians leading to dayslong waits for medication, shortened pharmacy hours and some prescription errors.

  • Revenue
  • Patient Case Automation
  • Patient Engagement
  • Top of License Practice

Explore Real-World Use Cases

Physician Signatures

Launch the Chatbot

Patient Consent

Launch the Chatbot

Medication Adherence

Launch the Chatbot

Outcomes that Matter

Speed Time
to Therapy

  • Speed patient enrollment and time to therapy by closing gaps in needed information
  • Increase medication adherence

Provide Convenient Self-Service

  • Divert inbound calls to convenient self-service 
  • Automate digital reminders and delivery communications

Patient Engagement

  • Assistance navigating the specialty medication process 
  • Proactive communication and education 


  • Automate manual, repetitive tasks 
  • More time for higher complexity needs

AI-Driven, Modular,
HIPAA Compliant Platform

With QliqSOFT, communication is easy, even for your most difficult-to-reach audiences. Our solutions are powered by our proprietary platform that offers flexible modules you can white-label to meet your communications and marketing needs.

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