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To help you and your team get the most out of our products, we have put together several training resources. In addition to the basics, you’ll learn tips and tricks to improve overall communication and collaboration between clinicians, departments, patients and even care givers.

Doctor showing a nurse QliqSOFT secure texting on his tablet.

Qliq Secure Texting

Secure Texting User Guide


Desktop Quick-Start Guide


iOS Quick-Start Guide


Android Quick-Start Guide


Getting Started with Qliq Secure Texting

  1. Downloading the App
  2. Setting your pin
  3. Using TouchID of Fingerprint Authentication
  4. Overview of the Recents, Contacts, and Media Tabs
  5. Creating and Sending Your First Message

Finding Contacts and Sending Messages

  1. Using the Contacts List
  2. Sending Messages to Individuals
  3. Sending Messages to Groups
  4. Sending Broadcast Messages

Creating and Sharing Media

  1. Categorization and Organization of Media Files
  2. Using the HIPAA Camera
  3. Adding Media to Conversations

Customize your profile, notifications, and favorites list

  1. Edit Your Profile
  2. Customize Notification Settings
  3. Using Escalated Call Notifications
  4. Setting Favorites
  5. Using and Customizing Quick Messages

Request Acknowledgement, Message Flags, and Recall a Message

  1. Requesting Acknowledgement
  2. Using Message Flags
  3. Recalling a Message
  4. Viewing Message Details
  5. Creating Personal Groups

Virtual Visits

Add A Third Party


Provider Device Troubleshooting


Patient Access Guide


Virtual Visit Chimes


Patient Device Troubleshooting


Agent Training

  1. Understanding the basic agent workflow
  2. Reviewing assigned conversations
  3. Initiating a conversation with a patient
  4. Interacting with a patient in real-time
  5. Requesting a video chat with a patient
  6. Changing conversation status

Start a Visit

  1. Starting a new visit
  2. Adding a new patient
  3. Using the video functionality
  4. Sharing forms and surveys

Patient Access Guide

  1. Starting a Visit
  2. Filling out Forms and Surveys
  3. Initiating a Video Chat