Population Health Digital Engagement Solutions

Increase Patient Enrollment
& Engagement

Maximize population health and care management results with virtual communication solutions.

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"A McKinsey & Company market study in 2021 points out that too often, payer care management leaves 90 percent or more of potential value “on the table” because insurers are unable to engage the vast majority of members identified for care management."

Enroll More Patients

Leverage digital communication channels to reach members, a proven tactic to increase membership that is a less costly alternative to snail mail and phone outreach.

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Close Gaps in Care

Raise Your Ratings

Slow disease progression while improving Medicare Advantage scores with care campaigns, targeted education, and the option to self-schedule an appointment.
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Improve CAHPS Performance

Enhance Collaboration

Enable HIPAA-secure communication between patients, caregivers, and staff to improve collaboration and communication. Reinforce patient instructions with online education materials.
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Reduce Readmission Rates

Proactive Population Outreach

Proactively address risk factors for readmission through automated follow-up appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and resource offerings to promote effective, evidence-based self-care.
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Reduce Costly No-Show Rates

Expand Patient Choices

Automate routine appointment confirmations, reminders, and self-scheduling options.

Support Hospital at Home

Virtual Patient Engagement

Leverage virtual visits to personalize the clinician-patient experience and supplement face-to-face contact with virtual patient engagement to reinforce self-care behaviors and keep patients at home.

Why QliqSOFT?

  • Self-service tools eliminate your dependence on IT and improve health care systems
  • Integrated, modular solution that grows with you as your needs change
  • Self-serve tools put you in charge
  • App-less, no passwords required, and secure
  • Supplement and integrate with your EMR for a competitive advantage
  • Brand as your own
  • Only one point of entry. No need to download another app
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