Optimize Patient Engagement

Go Beyond the EHR Portal to Connect With Patients

Patients want a digital experience with their healthcare providers but are dissatisfied with the EHR portal and apps. Over 69% of patients said they would switch providers for one that offers better services.

Providing a compelling digital experience improves patient satisfaction and reduces calls for administrative patient tasks.

The Quincy Digital Engagement Platform
Delivers Meaningful Results

Reduce calls to your call center
Prepare patients for procedures
Streamline patient onboarding
Improve post-discharge follow-up
Support transitions in care
Close gaps in care
Automate prescription refills
Capture SDoH data

Flexible Tools for a Personalized App-less User Experience

Automated Chat Interactions
2-Way Secure Chat
Secure Phone or Video Call
Communication Campaigns
Custom Digital Forms
No-Code Visual Design Studio

Automated Chat Interactions

Engaging digital conversations

2-Way Secure Email / Text

Streamline Communication

Secure Phone or Video Call

App-less engagement

Communication Campaigns

Cohort based, Timed, Email / Text Outreach

Bi-Directional Data Capture / Exchange

Quick forms collect data & signature capture

No-Code Visual Design Studio

Easy to use + version control decreases time
to deployment and ability to iterate quickly

Outbound Patient Campaigns with SDOH Survey

An outbound care campaign with an automated chatbot provides a very personalized yet highly scalable approach to patient engagement that will achieve adoptions and activity; you will connect and engage with patients in a personalized journey. The digital experience informs patients and prompts them to take action. Below, for example, Quincy reaches a patient population to collect SDoH and SoGI data that helps you improve health equity and meet value-based care goals.
Alert Patient With SMS Notification
Interact in the Secure Chatbot Dialog
Collect Info in Digital Form and Send to EHR

Automate Patient Outreach and Reduce Phone Calls

Patients’ needs and preferences vary, so Quincy adapts to allow you to provide one-on-one attention when needed. When reaching out to a large patient population with an automated digital experience, Quincy can allow patients to escalate to a live chat or voice/video call right in the same window.  Below, Quincy addresses medication adherence with follow-ups to patients following discharge. It confirms the prescription was received and instructions are understood. One patient requires attention with a self-injection and is escalated for live support for a video call.
Notify Patient With Branded Message
Secure Chatbot Follows Up
Patient Escalated to Live Chat and Video Call

No-code Studio Allows For Tailored Solution & Flexible EHR Integration

  • Customize patient experience without IT resources
  • Achieve rapid results by choosing solution templates.
  • Add corporate logo and design for seamless branding
  • Create and deploy digital forms to meet your requirements
  • Connect with patient record with robust, flexible EHR integration

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