See How a Digital Strategy Can Be Created and Executed Rapidly

Bobbi Weber
March 24, 2022

Developing and executing a digital strategy does not have to be an all-consuming or lengthy and painful experience per @EdMarx, former CIO of the Cleveland Clinic and best-selling author of Healthcare Digital Transformation. Witness how @VirtuaHealth created a fully remote digital health practice in 6 weeks and then applied Agile principles to swiftly roll out a series of programs that:

  • Lowered hospital readmissions 32% for monitored COVID inpatients
  • Reduced 14-day return ED visits by 43% with remote patient monitoring
  • Implemented virtual consultations of cardiothoracic surgery reduced network leakage of 20 to 25 cases per quarter
  • Increased patient loyalty for return urgent care visits by 15% by increasing patient convenience
  • Achieved a world-class Net Promoter Score of 80  

Read the full Virtua Health success story here.

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The Author
Bobbi Weber

Bobbi Weber is the VP of Portfolio Management and Field Strategy at QliqSOFT. Bobbi is a lifelong learner who is passionate about enabling healthcare transformation. She has 20+ years of healthcare experience, in care delivery, consulting, healthcare IT, and market strategy.

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