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June 7, 2021
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DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, June 8, 2021 / -- QliqSOFT, Inc., specializing in HIPAA-compliant clinical collaboration and patient communication solutions, and Isabel Healthcare, Inc., a leader in diagnostic decision support and virtual triage tools, today announced the integration of Isabel Healthcare’s Symptom Checker / Triage tool into QliqSOFT’s Quincy Healthcare Chatbot Platform.

”With over 75% of consumers starting their care journey on the Internet, healthcare systems must provide an efficient, accurate digital front door for patient acquisition and care direction,” says Don Bauman, CEO Isabel Healthcare, “incorporating the Isabel Virtual Triage engine into the Quincy Chatbot provides an efficient, consumer-friendly patient experience to meet consumer demand.”

The Isabel Symptom Checker / Virtual Triage tool helps consumers get to the appropriate care venue with the appropriate urgency within 90 seconds. Isabel’s clinically validated AI engine is the result of 20+ years of experience with curated machine learning providing the most accurate and efficient virtual triage experience available. The Isabel Symptom Checker/Triage tool can be used in virtually any consumer-oriented workflows and integrated into various patient experiences like websites, apps, portals, and non-clinical call centers driving ROI not only through improved efficiencies but also in new patient acquisition.

Built on more than two decades of clinician trust, Isabel’s AI-driven platform benefits include:

• Recognition of over 6,000 conditions.

• Care direction driven by acuity and urgency – not self-diagnosis.

• NLP and AI-powered letting patients describe, using free text, why they are seeking care.

• Clinically validated algorithms.

• Efficient patient workflow asking only 11 questions.

QliqSOFT’s Quincy healthcare chatbot platform will harness the symptom checker to enrich patient’s access to care, perform live triage, and conduct visit qualification through its HIPAA-compliant conversational AI interface. By providing symptom checking as part of the conversational AI platform, QliqSOFT is able to offer healthcare organizations a robust digital front door capable of meeting the evolving needs of patients, in real-time.

Some of the most common Quincy use cases will begin integrating the Isabel symptom checker / virtual triage capability immediately, including the ER concierge chatbot, COVID-19 vaccination assistant, and the CABG Readmission Reduction bot. All Quincy customers will have the option to include symptom checking / virtual triage, powered by Isabel, in their chatbot. Because QliqSOFT provides open access to its unique chatbot design studio, customers can add Isabel functions to their chatbot in seconds with no coding required, then deploy directly to patients via any of several flexible access points such as SMS, Email, QR code, and more.

“1 in 20 internet searches are symptom-related,” says QliqSOFT CEO, Krishna Kurapati, “This tells us patients are actively seeking information about their health, and often from sources that haven't been validated. Our Quincy chatbot customers can now leverage the trusted Isabel symptom checker / virtual triage to enhance their digital front door and patient experience initiatives.”

About QliqSOFT

QliqSOFT is the developer of healthcare’s most flexible collaboration platform, designed to address the clinical communication and patient engagement needs of healthcare organizations. Rooted in security and built with total engagement in mind, this modular, scalable platform addresses the communication needs of today’s healthcare industry through secure texting, AI-driven chatbot technology on-demand telehealth solutions. Combined, these solutions deliver an average of 1.2 million clinical messages exchanged across the U.S. daily and facilitates more than 6 months of live virtual care every 180 minutes. To learn more, visit

About Isabel Healthcare

Isabel Healthcare Inc. was founded in 2000 by Jason Maude and is named after Maude’s daughter who almost died after a potentially fatal illness was not recognized. For over 20 years, Isabel Healthcare has been validated and peer-reviewed and is now recognized as the leader in diagnostic decision support In addition to Isabel Professional for clinicians, Isabel’s family of diagnosis performance solutions also include Isabel Symptom Checker/virtual triage for consumers and patient engagement and Isabel Clinical Educator, a case-based learning platform for clinical learners. Connect with us at, or 734-332-0612.

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