The QliqMINUTE: What are the 3 Top Cyber Security Issues Organizations Should Be Ready for in 2022?


January 14, 2022
Unattended computer in a recovery room of a hospital

Cyber security attacks wreaked havoc on the healthcare industry last year. According to a recent article by Healthcare IT News, more than 40 million patient records were compromised by data breaches in 2021. As we move forward into a new year, many healthcare leaders wonder what to expect next. To find out more, we spoke with Krishna Kurapati, the founder and CEO of QliqSOFT. 

" The world of cyber security is constantly evolving. Hackers are always looking for new vulnerabilities," said Kurupati. He explained that he expects this year's top three cyber security threats to align closely with the most recent changes and challenges in healthcare today. 

"The first security risk healthcare organizations should be aware of are vulnerabilities in SMS messaging, " he shared. Most healthcare workers are familiar with phishing scams and cyber-attacks through email. However, with the increased use of mobile phones in the industry, he expects these attacks will occur more frequently through SMS. "Organizations can best protect against these threats by spreading awareness and by implementing employee training," shared Kurupati.  

"The great resignation and the labor shortage have also created a new vulnerability. The flow of new hires and temporary employees in and out of companies creates a greater risk of data breaches," said Kurupati. He explained that the best way to prevent these breaches is through data segregation and cleaning. He shared that employees should only have access to the data they need. When they leave, the data should no longer be accessible, preventing potential breaches. 

The third vulnerability Kurupati shared was potential disruptions in cloud services. "Blackouts and brownouts can create significant disruptions and complications. The best way to prevent this is by having a backup cloud and plan in place," said Kurupati. 

To learn more about cybersecurity best practices, check out this resource from the Center For Internet Security. 

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Brittanie Pervier

Brittanie is a passionate marketing specialist and content creator from Washington state. She has a background in both education and healthcare. Brittanie enjoys researching, crafting, and sharing stories that highlight how modern technology is transforming the healthcare industry.

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