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Enhancing Telehealth Offerings with Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

October 18, 2020

Despite the recent overnight success of telehealth technology, remote patient monitoring (RPM) is one area of healthcare technology that did not see rapid adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet it has been identified as one of the greatest opportunities for patient engagement according to a recent KLAS survey.

The hesitancy of RPM adoption has not been due to a lack of technological advancement or because of a limited number of connected devices in the marketplace. Instead, it’s a lack of priority and a lack of understanding of the benefits remote patient monitoring brings to both your patients and your bottom line.

Automating your approach to RPM can play a large role in addressing common shortfalls of communication and increase efficiency in practices across all specialties. Using a patient engagement tool—chatbots—to track symptoms saves time for both the patient and provider while providing critical real-time data to clinicians.

Chatbots provide a frictionless experience for patients from start to finish and can be easily accessed on their smartphones with no app to download and no need to remember another login.

“You have to reach patients where they are, and they’re not picking up the phone for cold calls anymore,” says Krishna Kurapati, QliqSOFT Founder & CEO. “We have to be mindful of their time and their privacy. That’s why our HIPAA-compliant chatbots engage them right from an SMS-delivered link, at their pace.”

The conversational artificial intelligence (AI) keeps patients engaged, in fact, RPM therapy maintains a 90% adherence rate to care plan guidelines. Readmission can be more easily prevented when patient-reported outcomes are collected and a provider can automatically intervene when needed.

Practices that utilize remote services for chronic conditions saved an average of nearly $3,000 per patient. Chatbot technology is estimated to cost 70¢ per interaction compared to $8-$10 for web chat interactions or $35-$50 for phone interactions by 2022.

QliqSOFT recently partnered with CareSignal, a provider of deviceless remote patient monitoring. Together, we’re enhancing the patient experience journey by leveraging real-time, self-reported patient data, and artificial intelligence. The result is clinically actionable and proactive care that leads to long-term patient engagement.

Join our two teams on October 27th as we discuss facilitating deviceless remote patient monitoring using AI-driven chatbots.

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