QliqSOFT Announces Chatbot Marketplace Multispecialty Telehealth Solution to Combat Healthcare Labor Shortage


November 29, 2021

DALLAS, Texas─November 29, 2021─Amid healthcare workforce shortages exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic and threatening winter surge fears, QliqSOFT announced today the launch of the Chatbot Marketplace. The curated library of 20-plus distinct chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) will help overwhelmed healthcare organizations remotely engage with patients. The solution augments routine front office and call-center triage tasks entailing in-take assessment, pre-operative education, and post-operative follow-up.  

“Facing staff retention, burnout and other operational challenges, health systems, specialty practices and other providers are looking for creative ways to free up employees from repetitive processes, such as answering endless phone calls requesting the same information or reaching out to patients as part of the appointment reminder process,” said Amanda Heidemann, M.D., QliqSOFT’s Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO).

“Our clinician team has designed quality digital chatbots that are customizable and can accommodate a multimodal platform across a variety of technologies,” Dr. Heidmann continued. “The chatbots facilitate real-world clinical specialty use cases to benefit primary care and specialist physicians. The streamlined automated workflow gives them back more time to focus on those human interactions requiring their full attention. The chatbots also make work life easier for their dedicated staff.”

The chatbots include but are not limited to: curbside and home health pre-visit intake forms for pre-insurance approval, vaccine scheduling including COVID-19, auto appointment reminders specific to patient populations with one or more chronic conditions, delivery of test results, patient education resources from Wolters Kluwer and Elsevier, pre- and post-discharge instructions supplemented with guidance on recovery milestones for certain procedures, and remote patient monitoring.

Engagement with a chatbot begins with a provider-originated secure link delivered via SMS text message or email. The chatbot begins by connecting patients or their caregivers with a pre-determined conversation designed to intuitively navigate them to the appropriate outcome. This conversation can take the form of a scripted routine encounter that can be escalated to a live text-based or video interaction with a healthcare professional. 

All chatbot encounters, which support more than 250 languages, can be documented in the patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

“Patients receive relevant clinical content in bite-sized pieces of information at a time when it works best for them,” added Dr. Heidemann. “The abundance of evidence-based content is reproducible, which is an important advantage so that physicians and their staff know what information patients receive.”

McKinsey & Company’s analysis indicates telehealth use has increased 38 times higher from the pre-COVID-19 baseline. Digital interactions with physicians and their staff became more accepted and expected during the pandemic. As of April 2021, 84 percent of physicians offered virtual visits and 57 percent said they would prefer to offer virtual care.

“Patients now expect and demand digital solutions to interact with their care providers. Data shows that providers and their staff benefit significantly from streamlining workflow automation through chatbot technology,” said Krishna Kurapati, founder and CEO of QliqSOFT. 

“The Chatbot Marketplace provides a cost-effective solution scalable to any organization,” he added. “Our team of clinicians continues to develop this growing list of chatbot use cases which can be deployed out of the box in as little as 24 hours, literally changing an organization’s patient engagement strategy overnight.”

Contact QliqSOFT at 1-866-295-0471 to learn more about the Chatbot Marketplace or request a demo

About QliqSOFT Inc.

QliqSOFT is the developer of healthcare’s most flexible collaboration platform, designed to address the clinical communication and patient engagement needs of healthcare organizations. Rooted in security and built with total engagement in mind, this modular, scalable platform addresses the communication needs of today’s healthcare industry through secure texting, AI-driven chatbot technology on-demand telehealth solutions. Combined, these solutions deliver an average of 1.2 million clinical messages exchanged across the U.S. daily and facilitate more than six months of live virtual care every 180 minutes. To learn more, visit www.qliqsoft.com.

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