The QliqMINUTE: Should Employers Accept Results from At Home COVID-19 Test Kits?


January 6, 2022
Person dropping liquid onto a at home COVID test

Home COVID-19 tests kits are quickly growing in popularity as case numbers continue to rise throughout the U.S. At first, it seemed like home test kits would be a viable solution that could help combat long lines at overwhelmed testing centers. However, many employees have recently found that their employers will not give them PTO for positive results from home test kits. Many organizations will only accept results from healthcare providers or testing centers. To gain a deeper understanding of this issue, we spoke with The Society for Human Resources Management’s HR Knowledge Advisor Regan Gross.

"Employers should avoid forcing employees to choose between the income that supports their livelihood and possibly bringing COVID-19 to work," said Gross. "One thing employers should keep in mind is the OSHA ETS applying to private-sector employers with 100 or more employees, specifically says that at-home tests are permitted, " shared Gross. 

She further explained that one good approach to maintaining a healthy workplace is to accept at-home results as a preliminary measure. Granting PTO gives employees an opportunity to schedule an appointment to obtain a molecular PCR test, which is the current gold standard. 

Kits providing rapid test results within 15 minutes also give employers an opportunity to address any potential workplace exposure that may have occurred. To learn more about best practices and regulations regarding PTO and COVID-19 exposure, check out this resource from the U.S. Department of Labor. 

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