QliqSOFT Announces Integrated Self-Scheduling Into COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant Chatbot


January 13, 2021
Decorative image of QliqSOFT technology showing easy access with in-app calendar scheduling.

DALLAS, TX, USA, January 14, 2021 -- QliqSOFT Inc., specializing in HIPAA-compliant clinical collaboration and patient communication solutions, today announced the inclusion of fully integrated self-scheduling into their COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant chatbot, which launched in December of 2020 and is already deployed across 500+ healthcare organizations.

Until now, the ability to schedule vaccination appointments has been an optional function of the chatbot previously requiring integration into the healthcare organization’s internal systems. The new, fully integrated self-scheduling module allows for quicker deployment and management of patient surge.

"The fact that this chatbot can be rapidly deployed and integrates with all EMRs, means that healthcare organizations don’t have to sacrifice data and transparency for speed.”

— Krishna Kurapati

The COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant now provides direct access to available appointments and reminders as well as improves second-dose adherence with frictionless ongoing engagement. Automating the scheduling process relieves strain on call center and clinical resources and allows the conversational chatbot to capture all necessary intake and appointment setting information including demographics, consents, and recipient screening to seamlessly present the appropriate venue and schedule to the patient based on their inputs. Real-time booking and calendar confirmation allow patients to complete the process from start to finish in minutes without downloading an app, logging into a portal, or calling a hotline.

“Leveraging technology to address the challenges of vaccination distribution is critical to keeping front line staff available for direct patient care,” said Krishna Kurapati, CEO and founder of QliqSOFT. “The fact that this chatbot can be rapidly deployed and integrates with all EMRs, means that healthcare organizations don’t have to sacrifice data and transparency for speed.”

Healthcare organizations can deploy these chatbots as part of a digital outbound campaign using QliqSOFT’s Care Campaign functionality to send to target lists via SMS or Email, or as part of an inbound model by sharing the chatbot’s unique QR code on print, digital, or social media, or by hosting the chatbot directly on their website. Each option can be executed in minutes. Patients are greeted with an SMS-like secure UI that replicates the ease of texting and, thanks to the included branding options, looks just like their trusted healthcare provider organization. From here they experience a naturally-guided conversation (with their preferred language automatically detected) to address the entire vaccine enrollment process. In addition to appointment scheduling, the chatbot addresses vaccine hesitancy, paperless registration including e-consent, eligibility screening, second dose reminders, and more.

With solutions already deployed for health systems, provider practices, federally qualified health centers, post-acute health settings, and providers of pharmaceutical and medical device services, QliqSOFT’s Healthcare Chatbot platform meets unique engagement needs across the patient care journey. As part of their efforts to help healthcare organizations respond to the COVID-19 crisis, QliqSOFT technology has exchanged millions of secure messages, documents, images, and video visits since June 2020. The inclusion of these engagement solutions fosters brand-awareness and retention for healthcare organizations, allowing them to remain the source of care for patients.

Todd Helmink, CRO for QliqSOFT commented on the new enhancements,

“The COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant is just one piece of a full patient engagement platform designed to bridge the gap between patients and providers. The modular nature of this platform allows QliqSOFT to address the current needs of an organization while still being able to adapt and grow with them in the future. It’s the opposite of the one-size-fits-all approach that costs healthcare millions every year.”

About QliqSOFT

QliqSOFT addresses the communication needs of healthcare organizations via its secure, scalable, modular Virtual Care Platform. The HIPAA-compliant platform, composed of QliqCONNECT Secure Messaging, AI-driven Quincy healthcare chatbots, on-demand Virtual-Visits, and real-time GPS-enabled resource management solution Visit Path, delivers an average of 1.2 million clinical messages exchanged across the U.S. daily and more than 6 months of live virtual care performed every 180 minutes. To learn more, visit www.qliqsoft.com.

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