Primary Care Must Change or Be Displaced by New Entrants

Bobbi Weber
March 23, 2022
Ed Marx presenting to a group of people.

@EdMarx nicely summarizes the threat to physician practices from new entrants spanning payers, high tech, and retail giants. Why is this happening?  Surveys show:

  • 80% of consumers will switch providers for convenience factors alone
  • 78% of consumers feel the healthcare digital experience needs improvement
  • U.S. average day wait to see a physician is 29 days
  • Investment in primary care alternatives is outpacing many other disrupter strategies

Staffing shortages are prolonging call wait times and degrading consumer experiences as frazzled staff struggle to keep up.  

This mismatch between desired and actual consumer experience is giving these new players an opportunity to redirect consumers to alternate settings of care.  See how First Choice Neurology is fighting back, delivering an impressive consumer experience, providing needed relief to office staff and physicians while quickly generating a more than ten times return on investment using simple but powerful self-serve tools, while:

  • Reducing staff overtime 18%
  • Delivering 4.8/5 score for patient experience
  • Improving clinic revenue by 15%

QliqSOFT can help you reduce the repetitive manual burden placed upon staff while improving the consumer experience with automated virtual care, going live in days to a week delivering results the first month.  

Read the full First Choice Neurology success story here.

Experience how chatbots deliver a convenient, personalized consumer experience.

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Bobbi Weber

Bobbi is a lifelong learner who is passionate about enabling healthcare transformation. She has 20+ years of healthcare experience in care delivery, consulting, healthcare IT, and market strategy.

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