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Hospitals and health systems rely on QliqSOFT to deliver flexible, tailored clinical communication solutions through a unique, secure, and scalable platform that helps you efficiently address evolving provider and patient needs.

  • Drive operational efficiencies and lower costs
  • Improve patient engagement and retention
  • Create enviable patient and provider experiences
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Pleasing Patients and Providers

Modern patients are more informed about their health and expect providers to be ultra-responsive to their diverse needs and preferences. Likewise, your clinical teams need solutions designed to make life (and taking care of lives) more manageable. You can do both with QliqSOFT solutions.

Trusted By More Than 1,000 Healthcare Organizations

AI-Driven Clinical Messaging
and Patient-Engagement

Bring care teams and patients together with automated solutions customized to fit your needs in a simple-to-implement, easy-to-use platform.

Healthcare Chatbots

Customizable patient engagement platform leveraging powerful artificial intelligence (AI). Quincy features include:

  • No-code DIY Design Studio
  • Identity authentication
  • Flexible access points (reach patients through QR codes, SMS, email, website, portals, and more)
  • Preferred language detection and translation
  • Live agent escalation with Virtual Visits
  • QuickForms supporting e-signature
  • Dynamic FAQ including video
  • Full branding control
  • Integrated self-scheduling and two-way EHR data fields
  • Flexible rules engine with tailorable escalation queues
  • Content from gold-level education resources like Elsevier & Wolters Kluwer
  • Isabel-powered symptom checking
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Virtual Visits

Telehealth makes access to care more available and documentation a breeze - a win-win for patients and providers. Harness the power of live, HIPAA secure, video sharing between providers and patients to facilitate meaningful and contactless interactions. Virtual Visit features include:

  • Same-day implementation
  • Virtual Waiting Room with pre-visit device checking and connectivity support
  • On-demand and scheduled visits
  • Multi-party video for care teams and caregivers
  • 24/7 translation service from Martti supporting 250+ languages
  • Digital QuickForms, including consents and signature capture and webhook form routing
  • Seamless agent handoff
  • Qliq Secure Texting alerts for remote staff notifications
  • 76% faster telemedicine documentation and order entry with Suki, the voice-enabled digital assistant
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HIPAA Secure Texting

Facilitate real-time clinical communication from pre-admission to post-discharge.  Features include:

  • You own 100% of your data
  • Active Directory, RightFax, & EHR integrations
  • Free client-side archive (QliqSTOR)
  • Group & Broadcast messaging
  • Message priority flags, delivery confirmation, and read receipts
  • E-signature and document capture
  • Embedded On-Call Scheduling and Automatic Call Routing
  • Caller ID Masking
  • Video chat
  • HIPAA Camera for secure image sharing
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API & Integration

Integrations allow you to store Qliqsoft communications in your system, as well as use your systems to trigger automated communications. Here are just a few of our integration features:

  • Integrates with every EHR
  • Epic App Orchard
  • Active Directory
  • RESTful API
  • HL7/FHIR Interface
  • Instant community alerts via BotCast
  • Enterprise RightFax
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Security & Regulation Adherence Solved

We specialize in healthcare- meaning our solution was built from the ground up to work alongside strict regulations rather than against them. So, you can keep healthcare moving without having to worry about security breaches or misuse of information.

We solve a host of problems currently caused by outdated methods of communication, including:

  • Insecurity and risks associated with standard SMS texting
  • One-way communication shared through pagers
  • Restrictive HIPAA regulations that inhibit personal device communication and BYOD policies
  • High administrative costs to comply with HIPAA
  • Data loss or errors stemming from poor collaboration and disjointed systems
  • Medical errors caused by a lack of real-time access to information

See It For Yourself

What can QliqSOFT Do For You?

With a range of products and services designed to be used independently or together, it’s no wonder our customers have found hundreds of ways to improve their care delivery and improve the lives of their patients and staff. Here’s just a handful of ways your peers are using our products today.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Save Money

Improving the patient experience can help a hospital improve its financial performance by strengthening customer loyalty, building reputation and brand, and boosting utilization of hospital services through increased referrals to family and friends. Furthermore, research has shown that better patient experience correlates with lower medical malpractice risk for physicians and lower staff turnover ratios.

Streamline Intake

Improving the intake process could mean the 60-80% of annual ER visits better suited for a Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) or Fast-Track can be re-routed and triaged more quickly with an automated ER Patient Concierge.

A calendar in QliqSOFTs secure messaging app that shows every appointment for every day of the month.
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Improve Engagement & Retention

Prevent Readmissions

Engage patients post-discharge to intervene more quickly, manage follow-up appointments and care plan adherence, capture PROs, perform live assessments outside the ER,  and improve overall satisfaction.

Improve Medication Adherence

Overcome the primary cause of non-adherence: hesitancy due to a lack of education. Provide targeted education and access to live pharmacists using Quincy Healthcare chatbots and bridge the patient - provider - payer gap.

Stop Referral Leakage

You can achieve an 80% increase in referral follow-through when patients are empowered to manage their appointments in real-time. Plus, manage 94% booking capacity with patient self-scheduling via Quincy.

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Why QliqSOFT?

More than 1,000 healthcare organizations trust us to provide secure communication solutions. Plus, we’re at your side every step of the way—whether it’s helping you develop and refine your digital front door or implement tools that help you retain patients in your health system—our KLAS-rated, and customer-reviewed support team is here to help.

Use Cases For Post-Acute & Remote Care

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