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Rapidly Deployed Quincy Healthcare Chatbots and Virtual Visits

  • Modular options to drive patient access to your organization
  • App-less, secure, UI provides a frictionless user experience
  • Automated routine tasks that reduce staff burnout
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Healthcare Chatbots Now Equipped With Industry Leading Symptom Checker

Our Healthcare Chatbot Platform Quincy is now fully integrated with Isabel’s Symptom Checker, making it easier to enhance patient care. The conversational AI interface increases access to care with live triage and a remote visit qualification process. 

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Conversational AI Interface
The NLP and AI-equipped system checker allows patients to share their symptoms quickly and easily. 

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Guided Diagnostic Tool 
Provides patients with a reliable and trusted tool designed to help them find better care.

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Deep Learning-Based Databases
Isabel’s database is equipped to recognize more than 6,000 different conditions. It can also identify both typical and atypical presentations of symptoms. 

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Solutions that Scale

A testimonial from Boyd Douglas, President & CEo at CPSI. Helped healthcare providers manage the influx of patient inquiries more effectively while reducing unnecessary physical interaction between clinical staff and patients.
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A Door You Can’t Afford To Close

Patients are demanding a more consumer-like experience in their healthcare journey. Margin-minded healthcare leaders know they have to increase patient acquisition, reduce leakage, accelerate top-line revenue generation, and drive operational efficiencies. Healthcare organizations everywhere recognize that Quincy Healthcare Chatbots can power their digital front door.


Tailorable to your brand

Patient Self-Scheduling

86% of patients say they’re more likely to choose a provider who allows them to self-schedule. QliqSOFT’s Digital Front Door strategy delivers on this demand by incorporating patient self-scheduling into our user-friendly, SMS-like, Quincy Healthcare Chatbot interface. Conversational AI empowers patients to manage their appointments with ease.

Nylas and BlockIt customers can seamlessly integrate their schedules or opt to use our dynamic, built-in self-scheduler.

  • Instant appointment confirmations
  • Multi-slot booking
  • Prevent or enable overlapping
  • Schedule by location, resource, or team member
  • Improve patient engagement
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Designed To Grow With You

We are healthcare’s most flexible collaboration platform for a reason. Our modular approach to solution sets allows you to adopt only what you need now and grow with us as we earn your business.  Our Digital Front Door solutions harness the power of Quincy Healthcare Chatbots and Virtual Visits to automate, engage, and excite.

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Contact-Free Intake

Whether you’re seeking to prevent staff burnout, decongest your waiting rooms, or reduce documentation errors and save time - automating the registration process with Quincy is a win-win.

The DIY Design Studio provides all the tools you need to replicate registration processes in a frictionless Quincy Healthcare Chatbot interface.

  • Custom Quick Forms
  • HIPAA-safe ID Uploads
  • Electronic signature capture
  • EHR, PM, Portal integration

AI-Driven Triage

Quincy Healthcare Chatbots are best known for providing interactive, conversational, patient engagement. This two-way conversation is made even stronger with live symptom checking powered by Isabel.

Quincy + Isabel utilize sophisticated artificial intelligence to drill into over 6K disease presentations, provide relevant FAQs and education, then route to the right care team member.

  • Provides access to medically validated content
  • Understands common language
  • Allows for multi-symptom input
  • Fast-tracks patients to improve patient and provider experience
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Instant Virtual Care

Now that the Digital Front Door has been opened, why not walk right through? Virtual Visits allow patients to be seen securely by their care team with instant, app-less, live video.

Accessible from a secure URL invitation, patients join, complete AI-guided AV testing, triage as needed, and route to the right resource for remote care.

  • Multi-party video
  • Live translation services supporting 250+ languages
  • Built for healthcare on secure architecture
  • Admin reports support adoption and compliance

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