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Prepare for care delivery and operational needs with an AI-driven conversational chatbot built with QliqSOFT’s secure communication and scheduling platform.

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QliqSOFT healthcare chatbot answering patients questions.

Improve Clinical Workflows & Reduce Physical Contact

By implementing this healthcare chatbot, providers more effectively manage a sudden influx of patient inquiries while reducing unnecessary physical interaction between clinical staff and patients.


of healthcare professionals report improved clinical workflows through automation and technology.

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Strongly Recommended

A testimonial from Marie Popps, Director of IT at Hospice of CNY & Finger Lakes. We needed a way to protect patients and staff while providing care.

Why Add Chatbots to COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution?

  • Influence decisions in real-time. Provide information and dynamic FAQs to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Your voice remains their source of truth in our 100% brandable and customizable workflow.
  • Enable patient self-scheduling. Decreased no-shows, reduce call center volume, empower patients with fully automated patient self-scheduling.
  • Maintain social distancing. No paperwork, apps, or downloads needed – register and triage using any phone with a camera.
  • Document vaccination evidence. Instant access to proof of COVID-19 vaccination using embedded HIPAA-camera technology to validate and securely share evidence of vaccination.
  • Connect to transportation. Increased patient access with in-chat directions to vaccine centers, rideshare connectivity, and public transportation options.
Doctor using QliqSOFTs secure texting

Frictionless Experience

No more requiring patients to jump through hoops—calling, visiting websites, checking emails, printing paperwork—The COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant puts everything in one place and delivers a smooth patient experience start to finish. Provide education, validate eligibility, capture consents, allow patients to self-schedule, and provide intelligent reminders in a familiar, app-less, SMS-like, secure interface.  

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Improved Patient Engagement

Reminders alone don't cut it. Patients need a tool that allows them to interact, ask questions about their upcoming vaccination, and get trusted answers. A traditional appointment reminder can't triage or consent your patient. They can't provide live video chat or send rich data back to your EHR. The QliqSOFT platform is capable of this and more. And thanks to our Epic AppOrchard integration and robust APIs, you can be up and running in days - not months.

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A Flowchart showing the different ways that QliqSOFTs healthcare chatbot responds to questions.

Complete Healthcare Chatbot Solutions

Quincy Healthcare Chatbots provide a complete solution to create, manage, and optimize AI chatbots using a powerful AI-engine. The COVID-19 Vaccination Workflow is one of many pre-built templates that you can customize to address your organization's care-specific use cases. Each template is created by operationalizing the experience of more than 1,500 healthcare organizations that trust and use QliqSOFT solutions.

Clinical Collaboration is What We Do

Our customers send thousands of secure messages daily, and trust QliqSOFT to streamline communications safely. Learn why providers have long-trusted the Qliq Secure Texting healthcare messaging platform. You don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from these real Qliq Secure Texting customers.

Why QliqSOFT?

QliqSOFT is the leading provider of secure clinical collaboration and patient communication solutions for healthcare. From secure messaging and AI-Driven chatbots to video conferencing and telemedicine, QliqSOFT delivers HIPAA-compliant and real-time peer to peer clinical communication solutions.

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