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Healthcare professionals provide patient care 24/7 and they are often urgently needed at unpredictable times and locations. For decades, the industry has addressed the need for physician and nurse alert notification with numeric and text pagers supplemented with overhead paging systems. These notifications were adequate, but often uninformative, inconvenient, disruptive, and costly. In most cases, healthcare professionals needed to stop what they were doing and make a phone call to learn about the request. This approach wastes valuable time for healthcare professionals and detracts from patient care.

Qliq makes physician alerts and communication more convenient, informative, and effective allowing for faster attention to patients and improved care.

Not only do hospitals improve care by using Qliq instead of individual and overhead paging, they also save money and improve patient satisfaction. Replacing pagers with qliqConnect can save hundreds of dollars per provider each year, which can add up to over $1 million in savings at large organizations. Furthermore, using qliqConnect instead of overhead paging reduces the disruptions and noise in the hospital environment, which is a critical complaint of many patients. Without the need for overhead paging, patients feel less stressed, receive more rest, and achieve better outcomes and are more satisfied with their patient care experience.

Replacing pagers with Qliq drastically improves the way nurses and doctors communicate, create a calmer environment, and create additional financial resources to improve patient care.


advanced patient care with technology

Nurses play a critical role in providing and coordinating a patient’s care. Both responsibilities are essential to ensuring successful patient outcomes. The coordination of patient care can become inefficient and excessively time consuming, resulting in less time for providing care. Studies show that a nurse’s time delivering patient care can be as low as 37%. This proves costly to the patient and the hospital.

Care coordination becomes inefficient when requests need to be frequently repeated, the response is slow, and orders are misinterpreted. Often disparate communication methods, including face-to-face conversations, written instructions, telephone calls, paging and faxing, create confusion as well.

To streamline the coordination of patient care, hospitals and clinics must use a convenient, accessible, and secure method of communication. Qliq is a HIPAA-Compliant, mobile, real-time secure messaging solution that allows everyone involved in a patient’s care to be seamlessly coordinated. When communication involving physicians, the lab, pharmacy, staff and housekeeping are occurring in one place, nurses can coordinate care quicker and more effectively. With qliqConnect, nurses can send and receive short messages as well as exchange forms and other documents.

qliqConnect can be used from smartphones, tablets or desktops allowing participants behind a desk, in a lab, on-the-go, on-site, or off-site to collaborate quickly, easily, and securely. Qliq allows nurses to remain mobile and fulfills both their patient care and care coordination roles resulting in improved nurse and patient satisfaction.

qliqConnect helps nurses more effectively coordinate care, in less time, leaving more time to care for patients. It’s a win-win for patients and the hospital.


medical practice secure texting solution

A routine part of general medical practice is consulting with specialists: nephrologists, infectious disease specialists, cardiologists, and others. Typically, a physician issues at least one consult per day. The process of requesting a consultation, collaborating on a patient’s care, and documenting the recommendation can be a time-consuming process.

The attending physician must first send a written request in a specific format to the consulting physician. Often, it is tough to reach the consulting physician resulting in several voicemails and callbacks. Following the back and forth exchange of information, the consulting physician must respond with a formal written recommendation.

To streamline consultation requests, a physician and his consultant can have a more effective, direct, and secure dialog by using Qliq our HIPAA-Compliant secure texting solution.

With Qliq, requesting physician can send an application for consultation as a pre-formatted secure text message. The secure message will be received by the consulting physician on his smartphone and include all of the written details, attached images, and other relevant documents. The consulting physician will have all of the necessary information in hand to evaluate the case and accept the consultation via a secure text message in minutes.

No voicemails or callbacks are needed to arrange the consultation, and the primary physician can check the status of the message to know when to follow-up.
Collaboration on patient care can continue between the doctors using Qliq in a convenient and secure manner. The entire conversation is documented and can be included in the patient’s record along with the consulting physician’s recommendation.

Physicians using qliqCONNECT will save hours of time each week conducting or requesting consults. More importantly, our secure messaging solution improves the quality of patient health information shared resulting in better patient care and an improved outcome.


hospital emergency room department collaboration

Emergency department physicians, nurses, and staff depend on streamlined collaboration to provide quality care and achieve successful patient outcomes. One of the key challenges is quickly contacting and communicating with specialists such as cardiologists and orthopedic surgeons. The traditional approach of paging the specialist and waiting for a call back is inefficient and unpredictable.

With Qliq, ED physicians and nurses can securely send a message using their smartphone, tablet, or desktop to a specialist with patient details, documents and even images such as an X-ray. Specialists receive all the information they need and can instantly review the information provided and respond with instructions. This eliminates the back and forth phone calls to assess the patient and results in quicker action. With Qliq, all of the communication can also be archived and added to a patient’s record.

With Qliq, emergency physicians and specialists can communicate more quickly and effectively, while achieving better patient outcomes and reducing hospital costs.