Innovative Children's Storybook for Health Engagement: Award-Winning AI Chatbot Project by AllianceChicago

Recognition from NACHC

AllianceChicago’s research team created a digital children's storybook to creatively highlight the results of its Child Health Engagement and Coaching Using Patient-centered Innovation (CHEC-UP) project.

CHEC-UP aimed to reduce disparities in well-child and immunization completion in vulnerable communities via bi-directional, patient-centered communication using QliqSOFT’s AI chatbots.

This digital outreach reminded families of upcoming well-child visits and immunizations, provided anticipatory guidance materials, and facilitated easy appointment scheduling.

The storybook was awarded the grand prize at the 2022 National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC)'s Clinical Innovation Showcase FOM/IT.
Used with Permission from AllianceChicago

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