Quincy the Healthcare Chatbot

Simplify and Grow Patient Engagement Through Automation

No Apps to Download (for You or Patients)

Same Day Implementation Capable

100% Customizable with No Coding Experience Required

Trusted By More Than 1,000 Healthcare Organizations

Your Key to Digital Tranformation

See how First Choice Neurology automated 24 clinic front-office workflows easily supporting 56 unique provider workflows, improving throughput, profitability, and patient convenience.


Increase in clinical revenue

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Solutions that Scale

A testimonial from Boyd Douglas, President & CEo at CPSI. Helped healthcare providers manage the influx of patient inquiries more effectively while reducing unnecessary physical interaction between clinical staff and patients.
QliqSOFT secure texting on a mobile device
QliqSOFT plus Isabel logo.

Chatbots Now With The Healthcare Industry's Most Used Symptom Checker

QliqSOFT’s Quincy Healthcare Chatbot platform is integrated with Isabel’s industry-leading Symptom Checker to enrich patient’s access to care, perform live triage, and conduct visit qualification through its secure, web-based, conversational AI interface.

A picture of a first aid kit.

Triage Functionality
With natural language processing capabilities, provide a reliable and trusted diagnostic tool to help patients find better care - the one doctors use.

A picture of a heart with a heart rate monitor.

Patient Self-Diagnosis
Serve patients a trusted and reliable resource while staying connected to your providers.

A picture of three circles connected by lines.

Deep Learning-Based Systems
Isabel uses a database that has been trained on over 6,000 diseases and has learned typical and atypical presentations for each disease to provide the most accurate information possible.

Launch the Symptom Checker

Automation as Easy to Create as it Is To Use

QliqSOFT’s Quincy the Healthcare Chatbot provides a comprehensive yet lightweight chatbot framework that delivers easy-to-manage solutions for healthcare settings of all sizes. Take patient engagement to the next level by automating everyday conversational experiences, such as curbside check-in, paperless intake, managed recovery, and medication adherence. Best of all, Quincy engages patients to proactively share and capture care-related information, freeing up staff to focus on care.

100% Customizable

  • Control everything, from the design to each workflow (no coding experience needed!)
  • Mix and match content formats, including FAQs, embedded video, quick forms, electronic signature capture, and more
  • White-labeled to your brand — your organization is the trusted authority
  • Trigger chatbot campaigns based on events and conditions using our custom rules-engine and automated care workflows
  • Leverage rich integrations with Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, Isabel, and other leading content providers

of patient readmissions could have been prevented with better care coordination

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Healthcare professional using a tablet

Launch in Hours, Not Days

Patients are


more likely to engage with a chatbot than a live person

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Our turn-key solution can have your organization deployed and running chatbot campaigns today. Start with a blank canvas or use our curated chatbot marketplace as a starting point, changing the fine details you need to maximize the impact for your organization.

Standout User Experiences

Quincy chatbots are easy to build and even easier to use, providing a meaningful experience for patients and peers.

  • Chatbots can be accessed with SMS, email, QR codes, websites, and more.
  • Smart breaks in the conversation resume after defined intervals or events.
  • Optimal data capture through minimal input using conditional, intent-logic AI engine.
  • Preferred language detection and multi-language support.
  • Familiar SMS-like interface.

of chat interactions deliver patient engagement and answers within the first 2 minutes.

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QliqSOFT Video Call with Doctor
QliqSOFT Chat in App

Effective Collaboration

Quincy streamlines your patient engagement into a single, flexible solution that makes a true impact on patient care.

  • Automatically documented every step of the care journey with e-signature and image capture.
  • Securely share documents with other providers or care teams — even if they are not integrated into your EHR or PM tools.
  • Integration can be simple to complex if using our robust API library, rich exchanges, webhooks, and reporting capabilities.
  • Pre-built integrations with Epic App Orchard and Homecare Homebase.

By using chatbots, companies can save

2.5 billion

customer service hours

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Road-Tested Healthcare Chatbots

Our best and most popular medical and healthcare chatbots have been curated and made available on our new Chatbot Marketplace.

  • Expertly designed around the most common use cases in healthcare
  • Built with robust features that enhance the patient experience
  • Easily customizable to meet your exact needs
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New Quincey Bot Design
Patient with Phone

Drive Meaningful Patient Engagement and Lasting Satisfaction

Patients who are not engaged in their healthcare are three times as likely to have unmet medical needs and twice as likely to delay medical care than more motivated patients. With Quincy, the Healthcare Chatbot, capturing patient-provided data and sharing care information is automated and secure. From hospitals and home health providers to pharma and life science companies, Quincy can drive the patient engagement needed to achieve your goals.

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Enhance Quincy With Other QliqSOFT Healthcare Solutions

Quincy is just one part of QliqSOFT’s virtual care and patient engagement platform. Use it alone or alongside other clinical automation tools to help you increase accuracy, streamline operations, reduce wait times and improve patient outcomes.

Live Agent Escalation via Virtual Visit

Intervene more quickly and capture critical data for improved patient outcomes using live agent escalation. By integrating Quincy with QliqSOFT Virtual Visits, chat workflows can push users to a live agent based on your criteria. With immediate intervention, many issues can be resolved immediately, reducing costly ER visits and improving patient satisfaction and care.

Explore Virtual Visit

Patient Communication via
Secure Texting

Healthcare chatbots can engage patients and help fill critical communication gaps. Enhance that collaboration with QliqSOFT Secure Texting, which leverages the real-time power of HIPAA-compliant messaging including chatbot notifications.

Explore Secure Texting
Secure Texting with KLAS Reviewed Support

We Make Healthcare Automation Easy

With automation you optimize resource utilization and maximize your opportunity to scale your outreach. How many hours do you spend now in redundant processes?  What if you could eliminate those inefficiencies and bottlenecks? That is the power of automation.

With QliqSOFT solutions, you don’t need to be an automation expert to have this level of impact. Our pre-built workflows allow you to customize and launch quickly. Where we don’t have a template, we’ll help you build your solution. Our goal is simple, to make automation easy for you, your staff, and your patients.

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Doctor with Phone

Advanced Machine Learning Technology for Real-World Patient Engagement

Automate routine interactions without losing the personal touch—our chatbot design studio allows you to tailor your chatbot flow and branding so that patients feel connected and engaged. With more than 1,500 deployments in 2020 alone, healthcare providers trust QliqSOFT’s Quincy to deliver exceptional conversational experiences.

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What customers say about qliqSOFT

Strongly Recommended

During these very trying times, Hospice of CNY & of the Finger Lakes is still out serving the most vulnerable patients in Upstate New York. We needed a way to protect patients and staff while providing this care so we reached out to our secure communication vendor QliqSOFT. After an immediate reply, we were set up with a free trial and training. I would strongly recommend this virtual visit to other companies.

Marie Popps

Director of IT, Hospice of CNY & Finger Lakes

Solutions that Scale

We are pleased to offer this solution to help healthcare providers manage the influx of patient inquiries more effectively while reducing unnecessary physical interaction between clinical staff and patients.

Logo for "CPSI"

Boyd Douglas

President & CEO, CPSI

A Product That Works

We found QliqSOFT's Virtual Visits to be extremely simple for both patients and providers. Offices were setup in minutes and within a week we had 45 providers in 15 different practices successfully seeing patients virtually with little to no issues. Even providers with little love for technology are adopting it quickly. Thank you QliqSOFT for the support and for a product that works!

picture of a man

Stephen Smesny

CIO of Meadows Regional Medical Center

Quick Deployment

When we needed to urgently deploy a telehealth solution for our care providers, QliqSOFT was able to get it done quickly and without consuming our internal resources. This is helping SGMC to provide the quality care that people have come to expect.

Logo for "SGMC"

Bob Foster

SVP and CIO/HIPAA Security Officer, SGMC

Reshaping Healthcare

We need to be able to take care of patients' needs and adhere to all appropriate infection control practices, which at this time means limiting physical interaction. With QliqSOFT, this was extremely easy, if you can take a picture on a device and have an internet connection, you can be seen by one of our providers. There is no telling how this software will reshape our clinical practices moving forward, it helped jump-start us into virtual medicine and the modern era.

picture of a man

Colt Hatcher

Director of Rural Health Clinics, GW Healthcare

No App, No Barrier

This has really helped us during COVID-19 and is user-friendly for my geriatric patients. I would highly recommend the platform for anyone looking for a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine video conferencing tool.

picture of a woman

Aruna Koney, MD

Internal Medicine, Dallas, TX

Intuitive Platform

Rolling out virtual visits at SGMC was not an IT-heavy project, the platform is intuitive and does not require logins or downloads so it has made my job easier!

Logo for "SGMC"

Derrick Clement

IT Communications Technician, SGMC

An Instant Hit

Video Visits through other solutions are complicated, patients need to login to the portal and download the app. QliqSOFT made it simple. I just need to send a text and the patient joins the video visit securely - no login, no app.

picture of a woman

Anna Zouhary, MD

Internal Medicine Associates, P.C.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Engage!

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