HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging for Care Teams

The future of healthcare communication is certainly not pagers. Organizations are realizing more and more how fast, safe texting services are what care teams need to treat patients effectively.

We heard you. Introducing QliqSOFT, secure texting for care teams.

QliqSOFT provides real-time, HIPAA and HITECH compliant, secure text messaging for healthcare organizations that connects doctors, nurses, and other members of the healthcare team straight from their mobile devices.

Simplify Care Team Communication with Qliq

QliqSOFT applications provide a solution to the healthcare industry’s outdated and insecure messaging tools. Pagers and paper filing systems are inefficient and, when used improperly, can put patients’ sensitive information at risk.

With QliqSOFT’s texting solution, doctors, hospitals and healthcare professionals can communicate messages and files easily on their personal devices while remaining organized and totally HIPAA compliant.


What is HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging?

QliqSOFT’s solution to secure messaging takes into account HIPAA laws, as well as the technology and security needs of both large and small healthcare operations.

Our platform focuses on providing secure solutions to some of the most prevalent problems in health information sharing.


What Features Does Qliq Have?

We’re glad you asked. The list is long and growing. Qliq is designed specifically to meet the needs of growing healthcare systems from every angle.

  • Secure Texting – Communicate safely, quickly and effectively between care team members, patients, and caregivers straight from mobile devices, tablets and computers.
  • Patient Communication – Share clinical documentation with patients and peers and communicate in real-time.
  • Chronic Care Management – Share real-time information, reminders and analysis with patients with chronic conditions.
  • OnCall Scheduling – View a live, up-to-the-second calendar of who is on call in any department, at any time, right from their smartphone, computer or web browser.
  • Pager Replacement – Replace your existing pagers with a patient-centric secure texting platform without sacrificing convenience, reliability, or HIPAA compliance.
  • Snap & Sign – Improve document workflows by creating, signing, and sharing PDF files right from the app.
  • HIPAA Camera / EMR Upload – Take pictures of wounds, rashes, and patient documents, and quickly upload to the EMR patient record or share with colleagues.
  • Virtual Visits – Eliminate the barriers and limitations of the past and open up to new opportunities for patient access.
  • Value-Based Care -Transform your patient care from traditional fee-for-service  to value-based model with patient-centric message exchanges.
  • CareChannels – Collaborate on questions, ideas and feedback with care teams through patient-focused group messaging channels.
  • Disaster Communication – Communicate effectively in a disaster situation with a tool designed to work even when things break down.


Secure Messaging for Care Teams

Case Studies for Care Teams

Care coordination can be inefficient when requests are slow and easy to misinterpret. Healthcare professionals need a reliable secure communication tool that facilitates patient-centered care while at the same time maintaining HIPAA compliance.

In a round-the-clock care environment, where accuracy counts, Qliq secure text messaging for healthcare allows for care team members to communicate between departments and across organizational boundaries that result in true collaboration and cost-savings.

See what we could do for you with real-life examples.

Uses and Case Studies

QliqSOFT Security Features

With QliqSOFT’s secure messaging platform, you can feel secure knowing our app includes:

  • A time-stamped messaging archive, accessible only beyond your personal firewall
  • OnCall calendar scheduling for easy employee access to on-call schedules across departments
  • Public/private key encryption security to ensure messages are seen only by intended users
  • Cloud pass-thru technology to prevent messages from being stored in the cloud
  • Strong user authentication requirements with comprehensive access logs
  • The ability to remotely lock or wipe data on devices that are lost or stolen
  • The convenience of using personal devices for messaging in a HIPAA-compliant manner
  • Secure patient-contact and forms-processing functions for easy patient messaging

We are constantly monitoring and adding to our security capabilities. We take pride in providing the most secure HIPAA compliant text messaging app on the market.

Try Qliq

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