Healthcare providers can now close the communication loop by using secure texting on smartphones and tablets to communicate patient information in a HIPAA-compliant manner.


Doctors and nurses can use Qliq on their iPhone and Android smartphones as well as on a desktop computer.  Since many already use non-secure SMS texting with friends and family, they find Qliq very easy to learn and use without much training or support. With Qliq, users can have one-on-one conversations and group chats, as well as send broadcast messages.

From pre-admission to post-discharge, secure texting allows for safe, quick, and effective communication between care team members, patients, and caregivers. And with our KLAS-Rated customer support, roll-out and adoption is a breeze.

  • Free of charge for Qliq Professional
  • Runs on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as well as Mac and Windows computers
  • Real-time, multi-group, communication tool that allows the secure transmission of messages, images, and documents
  • Easy to learn and use
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Time and again studies have shown that a key to improved clinical outcomes is care team collaboration. Whether you achieve this with multidisciplinary rounds, case review conference, or other format, secure texting is the tool that can pull it all together. But what do you do when all the necessary resources can’t be in the same place at once? A mobile solution is key!


Whether it’s more efficient rounding, clinical documentation improvement, admission and discharge planning, or reducing transfer times – secure texting can bring all the necessary parties together to achieve the goal.

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image of secure texting app for healthcare


  • Quickly reach doctors, nurses, APPs, and other members of the healthcare team at any time from any location
  • Avoid tedious voicemails and call backs
  • Collect and send billing information
  • Coordinate patient care and scheduling
  • Inquire about consults and referrals
  • Share diagnostic images and other relevant photos
  • Replace pagers and overhead paging
  • Communicate with your call center

Healthcare Features of the Most Secure Messaging App

As the fastest growing industry in the United States, home health agencies need tools that keep their field nurses constantly connected with administrators. That’s where Qliq Secure Texting plays a vital role. Our platform not only improves efficiency when it comes to home visits and other post-acute services, but we also allow nurses to free themselves from annoying routines of paperwork and tracking down clinicians, allowing them to focus solely on their care of their patients.

  • Built-in contact and group list
  • Send text, images, and files
  • Message delivery confirmation
  • Customize sounds and vibration notification
  • Message acknowledgment
  • Customized Quick Messages
  • Use on smartphone and desktop computer

Homehealth organizations benefit from Qliq’s group messaging and broadcast alerts to keep in touch with their mobile field staff.  When a new home health patient is received, schedulers can reach out to the staff to confirm who is available for the visit. By sending a broadcast message, the scheduler can notify the team of the patient need and then receive direct response quickly, drastically reducing the time it takes to coordinate the patient care.  Once a care team is established they can then use the Qliq group messaging to collaborate on the patient needs, care plan, and progress. Secure group messaging keeps everyone in the loop and eliminates miscommunications.

Our KLAS-rated solution goes even further by fostering independence and autonomy among your nurses, which leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Qliq facilitates collaboration, which increases the speed at which patients can receive care and decrease the time it takes to process reports between visits. This collaboration promotes a team culture that can help address known issues in nursing, such as burnout and work-life balance.

You can read more about how secure texting can lead to happier home health nurses by checking out our blog.

HIPAA Encrypted Secure Texting for Groups

  • Multi-party messaging
  • Group broadcasting
  • Dynamic On Call Group messaging

Encrypted Healthcare Messaging App that is Truly Secure

Our clinical collaboration solution goes beyond the requirements for HIPAA compliance. We offer a security approach that dramatically reduces the risk of a PHI Breach. With our exclusive  cloud pass-thru architecture, we ensure your sensitive data is never stored on our servers. We don’t even have the ability to decrypt the messages sent back and forth by your team.

Discover more about our approach to security HERE.

  • True end-to-end 2048 bit data encryption
  • Data is encrypted/decrypted on device
  • Nothing is stored in the cloud
  • Remote lock and data wipe
  • Retain 100% control over your data
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Enterprise Level Secure Texting Solution

  • Archive messages with QliqSTOR
  • Integrate with EMR systems to post notes, receive notifications, and medical alerts with QliqDirect
  • Integration with existing personnel directories

Your clinicians are already texting. Give them the tools to be secure.

Despite your best efforts in trying to maintain the security of PHI, that SMS texting ban just doesn’t work. Your clinicians feel that communication is broken and even the Joint Commission confirms this with their research. When time is of the essence, nurses and doctors need tools that allow them to connect and collaborate about patients. Many are already doing this with standard, unsecure SMS texting, and despite their efforts to eliminate as much identifying information as possible, the risk of inadvertently sharing PHI is still very real. Why not give them a tool that provides great collaboration while at the same time eliminates the looming threat of a HIPAA violation?


Why does covert texting happen? The short answer is that it’s convenient. Standard SMS texting is available on every mobile device on the market. It allows for quick and easy communication between any individuals or groups in your address book. In an industry with clearly identified communication problems, why would it make sense to ban this practice without providing a convenient, and more importantly, secure alternative?


Qliq Secure Text Messaging for Healthcare is designed to help you sleep easy at night. We eliminate the fear of doctors and nurses covert texting just to get their patients the care they need. Instead, they can freely share PHI in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment, thus improving the quality and speed of care team collaboration. What’s more is that secure texting improves upon standard SMS technology by providing real-time delivery and read receipts, request acknowledgment options, broadcast messaging and more.

To discuss alternatives to your organization’s texting ban, reach out to us today.

Built for BYOD

Today, more than ever, healthcare organizations are implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies as both budget saving measures and as a means to provide more autonomy for employees. However, in order for these policies to be effective in a hospital or home health setting, precautions must be taken to ensure sensitive PHI is protected from both hackers and everyday exposure to a user’s personal data. CIOs, security directors and compliance officers will have confidence knowing that all the PHI is encrypted in the Qliq solution and that they have remote access to the Qliq apps to lock and wipe the data.  The Qliq Secure Texting App is designed to allow for ease-of-use while still maintaining HIPAA-compliance.


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