Text Messaging Apps for Hospitals

What are Text Messaging Apps for Hospitals?

Text messaging apps for hospitals are usually software as a service (SAAS) with an app installed on mobile devices and desktop computers. These devices allow users to access and communicate protected health information (PHI) through secure, HIPAA compliant methods.  

A text messaging app is considered secure when it meets government-dictated regulations that ensure the protection of PHI both at rest and in transit. This technology allows for the replacement or enhancement of traditional means of healthcare communication (email, fax, face-to-face, etc.).  

As part of HIPAA requirements, admins are able to oversee the access to PHI and the communication of such data. Many organizations have already chosen to deploy text messaging apps for their hospitals.  These CIOs have found that this technology streamlines clinical workflows, improves productivity and reduces readmissions across their whole organization.

How HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Apps Work

Secure texting apps provide a messaging platform for healthcare. Such platforms connect authorized users to PHI which is maintained on secure internal servers. This information is secured in such a way that ensures the integrity of PHI while complying with HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA compliant secure texting apps are very similar in function to standard SMS texting. In fact, the interfaces are often designed to mimic the same ease of use of standard texting so adoption across your organization.

Let’s use our own Qliq Secure Texting app as an example:

  • First, download the app to either your iPhone or Android. The email you received from your admin contains links for either device.
  • Once downloaded, launch the app. Log in with your username and password. Next, create a four-digit pin, and then re-enter to confirm.
  • If you use an iPhone or Android device with either TouchID or fingerprint authentication you can access Qliq with the touch of your home key.
  • To send a new message, tap on the Contacts tab to view Qliq users in your network that you want to message. Select the contact by taping their name, Tap on start conversation and add a subject line. Then add your message and tap send.
  • Check marks on the bottom of each sent message indicating whether the message was delivered or read by each recipient.

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