A HIPAA-Compliant Chatbot for Healthcare

Let’s Solve Patient
Engagement, Together!

Empower your clinical staff and engage your patients

Readmission risk, complications from chronic conditions, no-show rates, and care delays are reduced when your patients actively participate in their care. And, when your patients actively participate in their care, outcomes and satisfaction improve.

Quincy enables real-time, patient-centered collaboration across care teams, and facilitates the use of a single, HIPAA-compliant, customizable platform accessible from any smart device or desktop computer.

Good Patient Outcomes Require Good Communication

Quincy communicates valuable care information specific to your patient’s needs without ever risking sensitive PHI.

Wondering if Quincy is for You?

The Quincy healthcare chatbot is right at home in any care setting. Quincy’s HIPAA-compliant scripted text messages, as well as live-agent text messaging communication, supports patient interaction and motivates your patient’s to proactively participate in their healthcare.


Hospitals | Pharmacies & Labs | Home Health & Hospice | Private Practices

Check Out the Technology that Makes Quincy Tick

A chatbot is only as good as its technology. Let us show you how dynamic content, actionable data, condition tracking forms, natural language processing, come together to build a bot that scales and performs!

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