Chronic Care Management

Immediately engage your patients in their own care

Harnessing the power of QliqSOFT and integrated medical devices, patients can participate in real-time result sharing with their medical providers for routine engagement and intervention. Likewise, providers can utilize this technology to manage more patients, more efficiently.

Patients, imagine a glucometer that can text you a reminder to perform a blood test, watch your diet, and communicate with your care manager.

With QliqSOFT, you and your care manager can…

Connect with any Bluetooth-connected healthcare device

Customize threshold-driven alerts

Identify and address issues in real-time

Instantly share results

Schedule medication or dietary reminders

Eliminate paper diaries altogether

Trend results over time

Reduce the risk of readmission

Beyond Diabetes

Whether as a paired system with a bluetooth diagnostic device or as part of a calendar-driven reminder system, Chronic Care Management by QliqSOFT can be applied to any and all use cases. From Heart Disease and COPD to Cancer and HIV, our solution bridges the communication and engagement gaps between patients and providers.

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