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A patient-centric message exchange for care team members across care transitions.

Patient-Centered Care Team Collaboration

Poor clinical communication is frequently identified as the key cause for clinical errors, unnecessary costs and sentinel events. This is especially true during care hand-offs and transitions.

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With QliqSOFT’s CareChannels, care team members collaborate on questions, ideas and feedback through patient-focused group messaging from their personal smartphones or desktop computers. CareChannels automate and simplify this clinical communication even as the care team changes from admission, inpatient treatment, discharge to home care. Now you can improve clinical communication and drastically reduce costly mistakes.



CareChannels enable a single stream of communication that follows each patient throughout a care episode. These conversations can then be associated with the patient record.

Care Teams

CareChannels are made available to the appropriate care team members, so that the right people are connected and collaborating around a single patient.

Care Transitions

CareChannels ensure continuous, unbroken communication even if patient care transitions to different providers or healthcare organizations. Effective collaboration is the key to success with Value-based HealthCare programs.

Designed for Collaboration

Robust Admin

  • Provides a single, continuous message exchange for each patient
  • Dynamically includes members of a patient’s care team
  • Enhances real-time collaboration that augments structured EHR documentation
  • Care team members can quickly scan past messages to learn patient status and progress

Immediate Benefits

  • Improve outcomes with Bundled Payment Care Model
  • Reduce errors due to poor communication
  • Save doctors hours of time each week
  • Lower costs related to readmission and sentinel events
  • Increase referrals and consults

Built For


Secure texting is perfect for care team collaboration, however CareChannels allow for the expansion of care coordination around a single patient. Documentation of care across multiple internal departments and organizations can be maintained through our exclusive Secure Master Patient Index.

By syncing with your EMR, CareChannels ensure that every treatment and test administered during that patient’s duration of care is documented and accessible for the processing of a single bundled payment. Additionally, CareChannels optimizes reimbursement with Value-Based Care, which can have a significant impact on your ACO margins.


Patient readmission is a fact of life in any healthcare organization, but according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, 75% of hospital readmissions are preventable. CareChannels provides a way to facilitate the lowering of readmission rates without burdening your care team.

By connecting the entire care team across a patient’s medical journey, it’s now easier than ever to  identify the need for follow-up care, ensure accurate updating of medical records with treatment and test results, and provide even more patient safety by documenting appropriate medication and dosage.


With CareChannels, care team members can request real-time referrals with physicians both within their own hospital and external practices or medical groups.

Since each CareChannel is focused on a single patient, every clinician brought in the loop can view every message sent, and document shared during that patient’s duration of care. This reduces the likelihood of repeated and unnecessary procedures and brings the focus back on the patient.  

CareChannels & CJR

initial hospitalization for group texting

Initial Hospitalization

Upon admission, patient information is entered into the EMR. This automatically generates a CareChannel and assigns the appropriate care team members to the patient. Each member of the patient’s care team is notified of the new care channel.

Now care team members can group text and collaborate freely and securely using their smartphones and a familiar texting interface.

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Physician Fee Schedules

With CareChannels, physicians are able to maintain an electronic paper trail of services performed, thus allowing for the proper documentation for bundled payments.

Throughout the 90 bundle payment period, the anchor physician can collaborate with other care team members.

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Medical orders can be shared with the entire care team, making sure that each member knows what medications have been prescribed throughout the course of treatment.

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Skilled Nursing Facility

Following surgery, the patient transitions to a skilled nursing facility for recovery and rehabilitation. The care team at this facility are added to the CareChannel, which allows them to see the entire history of treatment.

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Home Health

As recovery continues, the patient transitions to their home. Home health providers are added to the CareChannel, thus continuing the collaboration that began at admission.

Advanced Technology

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  • EMR Integration with FHIR & HL7

  • Cloud Pass-Thru Messaging

  • Public/Private Key Encryption

  • Secure Master Patient Index

  • Available for iOS, Android, OSX, and Windows

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