Introducing OnCall Scheduling from QliqSOFT

Introducing OnCall Scheduling from QliqSOFT

Qliq secure mobile messaging offers the OnCall Scheduling add-on feature, which allows doctors and nurses to view who is on-call in any department right from the Qliq app.


Key Features of OnCall Scheduling:

  • Instantly message those on call
  • View schedules directly from the mobile or desktop app
  • Assign primary and secondary shift members
  • Define shifts by time of day, days of the week, and range of dates
  • Schedule by Department
  • Adjust schedules on the fly to accommodate conflicts and requests
  • Integrate with call centers
  • Add scheduling preferences, emergency numbers and other notes to each user’s profile
  • Assign administrator roles to any Qliq user in the organization.

Watch the OnCall Scheduling Demo Video:


When it comes to patient-centered care, Qliq secure texting and its On-Call scheduling add-on feature close the communication gap among care team members.

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