On-Call Scheduling

On-Call Scheduling from QliqSOFT allows your team to quickly view a live, up-to-the-second calendar of who is on call in any department, at any time, right from their smartphone, computer or web browser.

Instantly message on-call staff

Share relevant patient and clinical data without delay

Automatic on-call routing

Know which care team member is on duty and reach them instantly

Adjust on-call schedules on the fly

Accommodate scheduling conflicts and staff requests, easily

Integrate with call centers

Streamline and optimize workforce allocation based on patient need

Share calendar with external partners

Easily provide links to live on-call schedules with partner organizations.

A HIPAA and User-Friendly Scheduling Software

Through a user-friendly, HIPAA compliant scheduling platform, QliqSOFT’s straightforward interface allows for precise and clear scheduling. This On-Call Scheduling software can keep up with the fast-paced environment that encapsulates healthcare organizations. Eliminate the confusion of who the right point of contact is, reach team members in an immediate fashion with instant messaging, and distribute schedules among team members, departments, organizations, and external partners. On-Call Scheduling is simplifying the headache of keeping personnel calendars coordinated. 

Jump on board with an interface that health organizations are hailing as transformative and error reducing. This form of On-Call Scheduling software will simplify and help improve processes for physicians, nurses, administration, and staff all alike. 

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Sharing On-Call Schedules for the 21st Century

Are you still printing and faxing On-Call Schedules for your staff? As soon as a change is made, those calendars are out of date. With QliqSOFT, you always know who is On Call now. You can easily share a web view of your On-Call calendars with call centers, nurses, and referring physicians both within and outside of your organization. Worried about privacy? Easily select which contact details you wish to make visible. 

With the most up-to-date scheduling information, patient care doesn’t take a back seat. Shortcomings in On-Call Scheduling is now a thing of the past, through Qliq, physicians, nurses, administration, and all team members can remain in the loop with a transparent view of day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month work days and times for an organization. Get started simplifying your group’s calendar, and enter into a new era of efficiency. 

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