Upload to EMR with HIPAA Compliant Camera

Share patient photos and videos in real-time without compromising security. Our HIPAA camera feature is included free for all Qliq Secure Texting customers because protecting PHI is at the forefront of everything we do.

  • No additional apps to download
  • Securely share with other care team members
  • Easily upload to the EMR

Never Stored. Never a Problem.

Pictures taken with our HIPAA compliant camera are never stored in your device’s gallery or linked to any photo streaming or backup cloud services. Media taken with HIPAA Camera remain secure.

Easily Upload to Your EMR

With EMR integration active, you can easily transmit image files like diagnostic studies, wound images, surgical site confirmations, and more directly to the patient record.

Uploading files to your EMR is as simple as adding an email or text message attachment. Customers who choose not to integrate with their EMR can still benefit from long term HIPAA-compliant image storage using their free QliqSTOR archive.

Ditch Excess Devices

With our all-in-one approach, your staff gets the benefit of our HIPAA camera as a native (not add-on) solution in our secure communication app. No need to carry around multiple devices to get the job done. No expensive cameras and cords to hold you back.  Cut down on costs and allow clinical teams to capture images, share instantly, and upload to the patient record.

Secure Sharing

HIPAA Camera doesn’t just offer convenience, but security as well. Never put your patient’s PHI at risk of exposure with our encrypted software. Take a deeper dive and learn how the HIPAA Camera keeps your PHI protected.

Doctor using a Tablet Device

Keep PHI Safe

HIPAA Camera works just like your cellphone, making it easy for staff to adopt. Our platform is easy-to-use, leveraging skills that your team already has!

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