Reduce Home Health & Hospice Patient Referral/Intake Time by 30%

Help Staff Offload Manual Tasks & Spend More Time With Patients

Home health organizations have been hit hard by staffing shortages. Quincy can quickly and easily, offload routine administrative tasks that take up to 25% of your time while improving client satisfaction.

Let Us Help You Prove ROI

  • Reduce patient onboarding time
  • Reduce staff time spent on administrative tasks
  • Reduce avoidable home visits
  • Reduce time playing phone tag
  • Increase the number of referrals, new patients seen
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Increase patient and caregiver satisfaction
  • Reduce avoidable ED visits and hospitalizations
  • Automate group communications

Home Health Package

Included Chatbots


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New Patient Needs to Be Seen

Saves office/manager time when trying to add a new patient to the day's schedule within the 48 hour window

Home Health Pre-visit Prep

Avoid wasted trips to see a patient by confirming they will be home and ready

Certification Due

Eliminate staff trips to the office to provide copies of required certification. Reduce office/manager time onboarding new patients

Home Health Patient Intake

Automates the capture and upload of patient signatures for privacy, consent and the patient bill of rights, avoiding the need for a trip to the office and speeding the completion of these required administrative documents

Validate Auto Insurance

Eliminate staff trips to the office to provide copies of required insurance. Reduces office/manager time to manage this administrative task

Virtual Visit System Readiness

Avoid wasted time by confirming the patient is aware and technically ready for a telehealth visit. May replace an in-home visit

Patient Registration, Digital Front Door

Speed patient onboarding with self-serve registration

Home Health Satisfaction Survey

Elevate CAHPS scores by tracking patient satisfaction and intervene, if needed, before the CAHPS survey is sent







Reduce phone calls - automate routine outreach to patients, caregivers and staff

Chatbot Design Studio


Robust self-service building tools that don't require sophisticated IT departments

Personalized URL


Personalized URLs build trust in the recipient



Automate personalized messaging to groups of 10-1000. Automate check-ins with patients between visits

Forms & FAQs


Digitize patient forms and informational material and deliver via
chatbot automation

Quincy (Patient) Chat


Initiate secure patient conversations; Add Quick Messages for commonly used communications

Virtual Visits


Reduce avoidable healthcare utilization by allowing patients to reach out to you before going to the ED or hospital

Self-scheduling Module


Offer patient self-scheduling as a standalone module

Professional Services (Included)

  • Create or personalize up to five existing forms, chatbots and widgets for three initial use cases
  • Document current-state workflow to be changed and quantify the effort
  • Administrative dashboard training
  • Train the trainer – workflow, design studio and campaign tools
  • Set up the first campaign, including custom fields
  • Document and quantify the value of the new workflow enhancements
  • Ongoing use case solutioning, build and value measurement support

Integration Services (Optional)

  • EMR or practice management integration

Why QliqSOFT?

  • Self-service tools eliminate your dependence on IT and improve health care systems
  • Integrated, modular solution that grows with you as your needs change
  • Self-serve tools put you in charge
  • App-less, no passwords required, and secure
  • Supplement and integrate with your EMR for a competitive advantage
  • Brand as your own
  • Only one point of entry. No need to download another app
Trusted by 1,000+ Customers Using over 2,000 Custom Chatbots

300M+ Secure Messages Sent & 36,000 Virtual Visits per Month

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