Proven Results For Ambulatory Care Clinics

Rapid ROI
Staff Overtime
Reduced by
Achieved Patient Experience & Satisfaction Scores of
Reduced Patient
Intake Time by

Increase Practice Revenue by 10%+ Delivering High Patient Satisfaction

Each no-show and late arrival costs you money and contributes to delays providing needed care to other patients. Increase profitability and serve more patients by automating the patient journey from appointment reminders through post-visit instruction with Quincy.

See how one client increased practice revenue 10-15% by:

  • Digitizing new patient registration and patient intake
  • Reducing staff overtime managing patient paperwork
  • Streamlining physician workflow, saving 8 to 10+ minutes per visit enabling two to three more patients per day
  • Securely exchanging documents needed for virtual visits
  • Delivering high patient satisfaction 4.8/5

Calculate ROI For Your Ambulatory Care Clinic

The financial results from implementing self-scheduling, appointment confirmation, reminders, and previsit check in are substantial.

Determine the impact to your practice.
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Ambulatory Package

Included Chatbots


Check it Out

Patient Journey Self-scheduling

Reduce no-shows with appointment confirmation and reminders

Patient Registration: Digital Front Door

Speed new patient onboarding with digital patient registration

Curbside Check-in

Speed patient check-in with digital intake

Inclement Weather Reschedule

Easily notify patients of adverse weather and reschedule notifications

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Maintain high patient satisfaction

Pre-visit Telehealth Intake

Test your connection and complete digital forms

Self-scheduling with Varied Visit Types

Support targeted self-scheduling







Unlimited use of chatbots, including seed content available in the chatbot marketplace

Chatbot Design Studio


Robust self-service building tools

Personalized URL


Personalized URLs build trust in the recipient



Campaign creation tools, including custom fields that can be incorporated to further personalize chatbots

Forms & FAQs


Deliver and capture data. Build forms and FAQs in the design studio and embed in the user workflow

Quincy (Patient) Chat


Initiate secure patient conversations; Add Quick Messages for commonly used communications

Virtual Visits


Uplevel chat to escalate to a person-to-person call or virtual visit, when necessary

Self-scheduling Module


Offer patient self-scheduling

Professional Services (Included)

  • Personalize existing forms, chatbots, and widgets with up to five forms
  • Document current-state workflow to be changed and quantify the effort
  • Administrative dashboard training
  • Train the trainer – workflow, design studio and campaign tools
  • Set up the first campaign, including custom fields
  • Document and quantify the value of the new workflow enhancements
  • Ongoing use case solutioning, build and value measurement support

Integration Services (Optional)

  • EMR or practice management integration

Integrate With Your EMR to Deliver Huge Benefits to Staff

Supplement In-person Appointments with Convenient Virtual Visits

  • Receive and exchange documents in a HIPAA-secure manner
  • Seamlessly transition between digital and staff and from one staff to another
  • Patients can self-test/verify their connection and complete forms prior to the visit

Why QliqSOFT?

  • Self-service tools eliminate your dependence on IT and improve health care systems
  • Integrated, modular solution that grows with you as your needs change
  • Self-serve tools put you in charge
  • App-less, no passwords required, and secure
  • Supplement and integrate with your EMR for a competitive advantage
  • Brand as your own
  • Only one point of entry. No need to download another app
Trusted by 1,000+ Customers Using over 2,000 Custom Chatbots

300M+ Secure Messages Sent & 36,000 Virtual Visits per Month

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