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Innovations in Patient Care & Remote Monitoring

QliqSOFT provides a real-time, secure, HIPAA-compliant healthcare communication platform that drives meaningful engagement for patients in post-acute or remote care settings. We know that collaborative quality care can remain compassionate and efficient at the same time.

  • Enable cohesive team collaboration across multiple locations
  • Drive operational efficiencies that improve care and lower costs
  • Create exceptional patient experiences that build loyalty
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The Communications Platform Your Nurses Will Love

Nurses want to be nurses, not tech support. That’s why we designed frictionless tools that feel familiar and sit seamlessly in your existing workflows. It’s easy to send an SMS text - but it’s not secure. Our Qliq Secure Texting is both. It’s simple to snap a photo of a wound with your phone, but now you’ve added PHI risk. With HIPAA Camera it’s the same device, same camera, same ease - without the risk.  And we know that with remote care comes disjointed documentation - but that’s not the case when your teams have access to Qliq tools, integrated into leading post acute systems like Homecare Homebase. Every feature in our robust tool set was designed with the mobile care provider in mind—working anywhere they do, and always on a single device.

Trusted By More Than 1,000 Healthcare Organizations

AI-Driven, Branded Communication Platform

We know that your remote care teams sometimes work for multiple organizations, and that patients know your logo, not ours. By branding your Qliq tools to look and feel like you, patients immediately trust the interactions and staff can confidently use the right tools at the right time. Choose to use only one, or add on more solutions to expand your communication and engagement capabilities.

Secure Texting

This HIPAA-compliant texting solution offers real time communication between care team members, and with patients. Add GPS-enabled Visit Path to track care delivery in remote settings.

  • No PHI stored in the cloud
  • Snap & Sign and Snap & Fax document and eSignature capture
  • Secure image sharing with HIPAA camera
  • Broadcast and group messaging
  • Real-time message status confirmations
  • Free client-side archive for document storage and auditing
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Virtual Visits

This solution provides crystal clear, secure video conferencing allowing patients to connect in real-time with providers or even family members.

  • Meet instantly or schedule in advance
  • Live interpretation services 24/7
  • eSignature and PDF creation
  • Virtual waiting room
  • Video Interpretation
  • No apps to download (ever!)
  • Implement in a day!
  • Seamless transition patients between caregivers
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Quincy Healthcare Chatbots

Answer common questions and decrease call center burden with Quincy Healthcare Chatbots. Using an intuitive SMS-like interface, our chatbot solution requires no downloads or apps to use.

  • Customize pre-built templates or design your own
  • Broadcast messages to groups (e.g., exposure notifications, visiting policy changes)
  • Launch with a text or email link—even a QR code
  • Detects preferred language and enables translation
  • QuickForms enabled, including eSignature
  • Combine with Virtual Visits for live agent escalation
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Visit Path, Remote Resource Management

Intelligently plan care assignments with Visit Path and see where patients are located in relation to an available field staff member. Empower your remote team to capture visit details and discreetly signal when they need help. Learn more about how Visit Path supports efficiency and delivers peace of mind at the same time.

  • Real-time GPS data
  • Clock-in/out and Visit Clock provide care delivery insights
  • Capture data needed to support Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Discrete distress signal
  • Admin Dashboard provides real-time overview and reporting
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Real-Time Solutions for Care Where It Happens

Monitor patients from afar and get the information you need in real-time to improve patient outcomes and the recovery experience like never before. Whether they are within your facility or remote, QliqSOFT helps you stay connected. Increase patient touchpoints while enabling care collaboration among your team, with the patient’s other providers and even with families. Built with security in mind, so you never have to worry about your PHI.

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What You Can Accomplish With QliqSOFT

QliqSOFT is a multi-solution platform with products and services that can be used independently or cooperatively for compounding impact.  Our post-acute and remote care customers have leveraged these solutions to delivery care more efficiently, support their remote care staff, and improve the lives of their patients. Check out just a few of the ways your peers are using our products.

Enable Cohesive Team Collaboration

Real Time, Secure Messaging

Imagine a world where every member of your care team was able to collaborate in real time—with their supervisors, with each other, with specialists and schedulers without introducing risk or violating privacy laws. It’s not a wish list, it’s a requirement for delivering effective post acute care.

Integrations That Matter

When care can be delivered anywhere it’s easy to disrupt continuity, but not when your tools seamlessly integrate. Connect your Qliq solutions with Homecare Homebase, Epic, or other EHRs and practice management tools using our robust API suite.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Automate Patient Intake

Reduce wait times, patient frustration and staff burnout by automating the intake process with Quincy healthcare chatbots. From collecting insurance information and other required form fills to visit reminders and follow-ups, automation is key. Walla Walla Community Hospice was able to eliminate their paper processes entirely using Quincy.

Documentation On The Go

Staff can easily document care provided to each patient, then store it instantly and securely in your free, client-side, archive. You control the retention period and to what other downstream systems the information can flow. QliqSTOR is your turnkey solution for remote documentation transmission and storage.

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Create Exceptional Patient Experiences

Be There Even When You’re Not

Virtual Visits aren’t just about primary care telemedicine. This solution was designed to help healthcare providers connect with patients even when things like a global pandemic shut them out. Deliver remote care, protect patients and staff, reduce reliance on PPE, reconnect facility-bound patients with their outside family, and so much more with Virtual Visits.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Help patients meet care plan milestones and maintain their health with digital data collection to reduce readmissions and improve outcomes.

A phone with QliqSOFTs virtual visit app opened.
Qliq App Screenshots

Why QliqSOFT?

We serve thousands of customers, and the majority of them are post-acute. That’s why our solutions make so much sense in the home health, hospice, and community care space. We know that some of the most prominent post-acute names choose QliqSOFT because we view every customer as a partner.

We succeed together because we grow and evolve and impact this landscape together. Every customer benefits from our KLAS-rated support and the leadership of our dedicated customer success managers. At QliqSOFT, we’re building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Use Cases For Post-Acute & Remote Care

Front Door

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Remote Patient Monitoring

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Disaster Communication

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Chronic Care Management

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