HIPAA Compliant Texting App

A doctor using QliqSOFT secure texting on his iPhone

What is a HIPAA-Compliant Texting App?

A secure messaging solution is usually the easiest way to describe a HIPAA compliant texting App. Such solutions are designed to allow healthcare organizations to safely communicate between users while safeguarding protected health information (PHI).

In order for a texting app to be considered HIPAA compliant, it must meet certain security and privacy requirements. One such requirement is the ability for network administrators to audit message archives for e-discovery purposes and the routine assessment of those security policies in place.

The use case is simple. Healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes use a HIPAA compliant texting app to securely communicate between clinicians in order to comply with security rules. Not only is security maintained, but employee engagement and clinical workflows are improved as well.

How do Apps for Texting in Compliance with HIPAA Work?

A HIPAA-compliant secure app for healthcare works by allowing users to safely and securely collaborate between clinicians and other team members. With a combination of HIPAA-dictated safeguards, including administrative, physical and technical, clinicians are able to communicate with each other without worrying about whether or not they are in compliance.

Apps for secure texting work just like the standard SMS. The individual sending the message type it in just as he or she would normally. The recipient is alerted with a customizable chime when a new message is received. The sender is then able to confirm both delivery and whether or not that message was read. Images, video, audio, and other document files can be sent over the course of these conversations. Secure texting even goes a step further by encrypting these message so that only the sender and recipient can read them.

Secure messaging also allows for group message to be sent and received in a HIPAA compliant manner. This allows for different departments and even different organizations to collaborate around individual patients, by communicating laboratory results, physician consults and discharges.  This reduces readmissions and improves patient satisfaction.

Secure Texting App Features and Benefits

A HIPAA Compliant Texting App can be used to chat with other clinicians. They have been designed with a combined goal of security and quality healthcare. Here’s what to look for when researching secure texting vendors.

On-Call Scheduling and Notifications

With this feature, you can view and message users who are on-call in any department directly from your hipaa compliant texting app.

Customized Quick Messages

Users can easily respond by selecting from a list of frequently used messages.

Presence Status Settings

Schedules are hectic and your availability changes. Secure texting apps allow you to set your availability as Online, Away, or Do Not Disturb.

Active Directory Contacts

Admins who rely on Active Directory can quickly connect it to the Qliq network.

Image And Document Sharing

With a HIPAA compliant texting app, clinicians should be able to collaborate with patient images, video, or documents on-the-go.

Group and Broadcast Messaging

Loop in entire departments with Group Chat and send broadcast messages.

Escalated Notifications

Receive alerts when messages are sent via your hipaa compliant texting app.

EMR Integration

Use a HIPAA compliant texting app to send patient details to the EMR and get alerts and notifications.

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A doctor using QliqSOFT secure texting on his phone