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Explore HIPAA Compliant Secure Texting for Medical Professionals

Sharing medical information over texting messaging applications like Apple iMessage and Google Messages is not HIPAA compliant. While SMS texting enables information to be shared instantaneously it does protect this information from outside threats. However, eliminating texting messaging within a healthcare organization is neither wise nor practical.

Healthcare professionals often feel that communication is already broken inside organizations. Lines of communication are not clear or productive. The solution to protecting patient information and other vital medical information, while regaining the trust of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in communication standards and processes is to enact a HIPAA compliant text messaging app at your institution.

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What is a HIPAA Compliant Texting App?

A HIPAA compliant texting messaging application is a platform that is accessible on mobile devices, tablets, and computers that provides a secure network for healthcare organizations to disseminate sensitive patient information among team members without violating HIPAA rules and regulations.

Furthermore, HIPAA compliant text messaging apps are encrypted and developed to feature state of the art security protocols that block outside sources from entering the platform’s network. QliqSOFT’s HIPAA compliant texting app places security as its top priority, and in doing so, is leading the industry with first-rate technology to assure that medical information isn’t compromised.

QliqSOFT Security Technology

  • True end-to-end 2048 bit data encryption
  • Data is encrypted/decrypted on the device
  • Nothing is stored in the cloud
  • Remote lock and data wipe
  • Retain 100% control over your data

Who Needs HIPAA Complaint Texting?

As healthcare services and companies expand their reach, more and more medical information is being created and shared via text messaging. HIPAA compliant messaging is needed by all institutions and groups that communicate with sensitive healthcare information including hospitals, clinics, private practices, home health agencies, and more health serving bodies.

Groups that fall into this category can establish a secure messaging platform that meets and exceeds HIPAA guidelines. This ensures that team members are not subject to information breaches of sensitive material that would otherwise be sent over a public domain. Through using a HIPAA compliant texting application, organizations guard themselves against repercussions by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In addition, often these organizations see a positive effect in communication among employees, improved patient care, and improved patient data security.

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What should you look for in a HIPAA Compliant Messaging Platform?

When deciding to implement a HIPAA compliant text messaging platform, it is important to know that the platform you decide to use provides the necessary functions for both security and ease of use.

First and foremost the platform must be HIPAA, HITECH, and Joint Commission compliant. Working with a service that provides 2048 bit data encryption is suggested, as well as not storing any data in the cloud, and giving users 100 percent control of their information. The smooth integration of EMR systems should also be an option if needed by the organization.

In addition to security features, the platform needs to be user-friendly for the members using it. The platform should allow for team collaboration for both one-to-one and group messaging, which includes built-in contact lists, and the ability to send and sign images and files.

A proper HIPAA compliant texting platform should also carry a patient facing component. This feature allows physicians and nurses to communicate with their patients regarding their health information, in addition to items such as billing material that can also be collected.

QliqSOFT is the Leader in HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging

QlipSOFT’s platform provides organizations and healthcare providers a secure, user-friendly text messaging app that goes beyond HIPAA complaint minimum standards. In doing so, we have developed a software program that is designed to improve your security practices while also enhancing your group’s communication habits and efficiency.

As the world leader in HIPAA compliant text messaging, we can help ensure your organization is protecting the information that needs to remain under lock and key. Contact us today at (866) 295-0451 about a free demo, or how to start implementing our technology at your health company!

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HIPAA Compliant Texting FAQs

Is Text Messaging HIPAA Compliant?

Common text messaging platforms like iMessage and Google Messages do not meet the secure messaging standards established by HIPAA. Text messages sent through default smartphone applications like these lack the proper level of end-to-end data encryption to keep protected health information (PHI) safe. Text messages are a convenient method of communication for fast-paced healthcare organizations, but out-of-the-box text messaging apps fail to meet HIPAA compliance, putting providers and patients at risk.

When is Text Messaging HIPAA Compliant?

Secure text messaging is possible and can be leveraged by healthcare organizations to make their daily operations more efficient and effective. In order to adequately protect PHI, a HIPAA compliant text messaging app that features data encryption when at rest and in transit, along with secure authentication features, often meets HIPAA compliance standards. Texting through unsecured apps may also be deemed "HIPAA compliant" if PHI is being shared with the patient and they understand the possible security risk. Consent should be documented that the patient understands and accepts the potential dangers associated with it.

How to keep text messaging HIPAA compliant?

Best practices for keeping text messaging HIPAA compliant include a healthcare organization investing in a dedicated messaging solution like QliqSOFT. A compliant messaging platform like QliqSOFT is built with secure architecture to protect user access controls, encrypt PHI in all stages, and be useable across all types of devices.

How does QliqSOFT keep text messaging HIPAA compliant?

QliqSOFT has designed a messaging solution specific to the most up-to-date HIPAA compliance standards. This is accomplished by featuring cloud pass-thru architecture, individual public/private key encryption, having data encrypted and decrypted on the device in real-time, remote app lock and data wipe, as well as biometric and 2-factor authentication login options.

How to Keep Communication of PHI Compliant and Secure with Secure Texting

Using HIPAA-compliant secure messaging apps is the best way to protect sensitive PHI. Healthcare institutions are best positioned to avoid violations to related to patient health information if they implement company-wide communication standards that make personnel use secure text messaging apps when discussing patient care, sending files and photos, or any other related need.

Is SMS texting HIPAA compliant

(Most) SMS texting is not HIPAA compliant. Sending health information via this method opens the opportunity for data to be intercepted by third parties due to the lack of complete data encryption. Mobile devices are a useful tool within a healthcare setting, but general SMS texting lacks the necessary security controls to properly safeguard PHI.

Is texting patient information HIPAA compliant

Under most circumstances texting patient information is not HIPAA compliant or recommended. The sharing of PHI over a mobile device or computer should only be done through a vetted and approved HIPAA compliant platform.

Is Google Speech to text HIPAA compliant

Google Cloud is HIPAA compliant. One of the key responsibilities for a user is to determine whether or not they are a Covered Entity (or a Business Associate of a Covered Entity) and, if so, whether they require a Business Associate Agreement with Google for the purposes of their interactions. Therefore, using Google Speech does meet compliance standards, but businesses should consult with their IT teams to ensure how they are using Google Speech and with what other platforms if it could pose a breach of PHI.

Are text appointment reminders HIPAA compliant

The Health and Human Services (HHS) department has stated that automated doctor appointment reminders are allowed under HIPAA.

Is it safer to Prohibit Texting PHI

Protected health information is an unavoidable part of the healthcare industry. Sharing this data with colleagues and patients is critical to providing the necessary care for individuals. Unless a HIPAA compliant texting solution has been implemented throughout a healthcare organization, it is a best practice to prohibit the texting of sensitive information via devices. Instead, organizations should find an alternative and HIPAA-approved method of communication.

How Do I Make My iPhone HIPAA Compliant?

In order for your iPhone device to fall in line with HIPAA compliance, a secure messaging app like QliqSOFT needs to be downloaded and adopted by your healthcare organization.

Do HIPAA Compliant Messaging Apps Provide Instant Communication

Yes. HIPAA compliant messaging apps like QliqSOFT hold instant communication functionality. This means mobile devices can be used to access and share PHI with other app users in a safe and secure manner. With better digital security controls in place, healthcare providers can more efficiently work in a fast, and data-heavy environment.

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