Patient Self-Scheduling & Reminders

Give Patients the Automated Healthcare Access They Demand

  • Relieve the strain on staff resources
  • Improve patient engagement and retention
  • Increase operational savings by automating scheduling
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Sleep Better at Night

Deploying patient self-scheduling should not add to the volume of daily work. With things rapidly changing the healthcare industry, basic scheduling should not have to take up so much of the workday.

Limitless Schedules & Resources

Manage a multitude of intake sources that sync up to one calendar automatically 24/7

Multiple Bookings Per Time Slot

Allowing multiple bookings for a single time slot allows for large practices to manage more patients when staff is available

Smartphone & Web Access

If there’s an internet connection available, patients can schedule their appointments as soon as possible or far into the future with ease and confidence

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Multi-Timezone Support

Having to juggle scheduling for multiple locations and practices is done automatically with healthcare chatbots in real-time

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Custom SMS & Email Reminders

Give patients a personalized message or specific details for their visit, all with custom reminders for SMS, Email, or chatbot conversations.

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No Extra Software Required

With our secure web-based platform, automated scheduling can begin within a day with same-day setup and minimal training

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Unburden Your Staff

Deploy a secure patient self-scheduling tool via SMS, Email, or on a website - while having it all connected to one calendar of choice. Evolve beyond the phone call and create a tool patients WANT to use, all while reducing call volume, no shows, and referral leakage.

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OnCall Scheduling

View, adjust, and share on-call schedules directly from their smartphone device

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Snap & Sign

Create, sign, exchange, and store documents electronically all from one secure platform

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Qliq-Assisted Calling

Caller ID masking with return call routing without the need for separate lines or devices

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