QliqCONNECT to QliqCHAT Transition

Important Information to Ensure a Successful Deployment Across Your Organization

What is Happening?

The QliqCONNECT mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices (AKA Qliq Secure Texting) is being replaced with a brand new app known as QliqCHAT.

Note: At this time, the desktop app will not be impacted by this release.

Why is There a New App?

QliqCHAT was developed from the ground up using the latest design and coding best practices. This new app will be consistent in look and feel across both iPhone and Android devices and will support better performance, new features, and future enhancements.

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Release Notes

Click Here to review the latest updates to QliqCHAT.

Important Dates

July 5th
Apple and Google approved the QliqCHAT app in their respective app stores. A staged rollout of the new app will follow. Current customers will be contacted when their phase begins.

A sunset date for the legacy app will be set in the coming months.

Deployment Checklist

  • Review the content and information found on this page.
  • Download the app and familiarize yourself with the features and functionality.
  • Communicate the change to your users via email and using the broadcast messaging feature in the QliqCONNECT desktop app, being sure to include the links to the QliqCHAT FAQ, QliqCHAT User Guide, and QliqCONNECT to QliqCHAT flyer.
  • Post the user guide to your organization’s intranet (or wherever similar guides are shared)
  • Track adoption using the device report, located in Webprod. Filter by device type and reference the app version.
  • If you have technical questions regarding the new QliqCHAT app, please email support@qliqsoft.com
  • If you need assistance in planning the transition for your organization, please email Bobbi Weber.

On-demand Informational Session

Watch a recording of a session designed to answer your questions about QliqCHAT, provide feedback, and to guide your organization's transition.

Full Informational

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QliqCHAT Educational

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Live Informational Session

Join us for a live session designed to answer your questions about QliqCHAT, provide feedback, and to guide your organization's transition.

July 13th, 2023
12:00 PM ET

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User Guides and Supporting Documentation

Please Review and Share the Following Documentation with Your Admins and Users

QliqCHAT User Guide






Transition Email Template