Fight Ransomware

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We all like to think that our network security is top notch and that ransomware has no chance against your IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, the human element adds a dangerous unknown to the equation which results turns our chances of being compromised from a matter of “if” to that of “when.”

So once your system is attacked, what is the best course of action to both protect sensitive patient information and ensure the continuation of care throughout your organization? Below are 10 simple steps that will help you cut any ransomware off at the pass.

Take Action Against Ransomware

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Turn off Internet access through Firewall including VPN access.

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Disconnect the email server, then find and remove all ransomware emails.

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Lock all User Accounts on Active Directory so that users can no longer access the computers to block spreading of ransomware.

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Expire all Passwords (most importantly the IT Admin Passwords).

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Use Cloud-based Secure Texting service on Personal Smartphones to carry on care coordination. Use Texting, Images, Audio and Video to start collaborating on patient care to reduce errors in the absence of access to EMR.

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Clinicians should create secure texting conversation threads around patient names to capture documentation that can be included back in the EMR after the crisis.

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Re-image computers infected by Ransomware.

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Turn on Active Directory and allow access to EMR internally.

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Turn on Internet access through Firewall and Email Server. Monitor Emails.

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Now Sync all patient centric conversations from the Secure Texting service with EMR.

While containing and eradicating the ransomware, use the broadcasting feature of your secure texting service to keep everyone in the loop. Since Cloud-Based Secure Texting is not dependent on your internal IT network, it will be unaffected during a Ransomware attack or even a natural disaster. It provides reliable communication even in difficult situations

Continued Care Coordination During Disasters

Even when disaster strikes, Qliq keeps going strong, ensuring continued collaborative care.

BYOD Cloud Messaging

Broadcast Message

Share Images & Documents

EMR Integration

This content originally appeared in the online article, “10 Steps to take when (not if) you’re hit with a ransomware attack” written by QliqSOFT Founder & CEO, Krishna Kurapati and published by Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review.

Are You Prepared for the Next Ransomware Attack?

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