Qliq-Assisted Calling

Protect Patient & Provider Privacy With Caller ID Masking

Protect patient and provider privacy with caller ID masking. Organizations that implement Qliq Assisted Calling, give their clinicians the confidence to make the leap from a secure text to a phone call directly from our Qliq Secure Texting app.  The simple, yet powerful way to provide additional security and assist with return call routing, without requiring providers to use separate devices or lines.

Call Center Automation

How it Works

Call masking is a telephone feature to display a designated phone number on outbound calls. Callers can only see the caller ID that you set and not your actual phone number or extension. Qliq Assisted Calling allows your team to use a primary phone number or a local virtual number for a regionally focused calling campaign. The use of a masked number is safe and easy to use to protect your personal number. Improve your customer experience and safeguard your clinician’s personal information.

On Demand Privacy

Connect with patients without exposing your direct line or cell phone number

Instant Call Routing

Set the callback number to your switchboard, front desk, or call center

Masked Caller ID

Display your organization’s name and number when placing calls


Securely engage with patients directly from the Qliq Secure Texting app

Healthcare professional using a tablet

Protect Your Privacy

Sometimes things can’t wait. Test results have to be communicated. Patients have to be called back. But providers should never be asked to sacrifice their personal mobile numbers to close those communication loops. More often than not they’re left with an impossible choice, dial *67 (which only works sporadically) and risk your call not being answered or start hunting down an available hospital landline. Qliq Assisted Calling removes the guesswork and promotes the callback number you need patients to know.

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