QliqSOFT Part of HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center

QliqSOFT Part of HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center

At HIMSS this year, the Cybersecurity Command Center is doubling in size. It features products and services from over 70 companies. QliqSOFT is proud to be a part of the 2018 HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center. We are deeply invested in the ecosystem of healthcare cybersecurity.


Research shows many in healthcare unprepared


The 2017 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey revealed two-thirds of organizations experienced a recent security incident. Yet, they reported only average confidence in their ability to fight cyber attacks. Do you fit into this group? What is your cybersecurity plan for 2018? The Cybersecurity Command Center has answers for you, including ours. At QliqSOFT, we offer HIPPA-compliant, secure communications among healthcare professionals. Beyond secure communication, our platform allows for benefits like on-call scheduling and notification, sharing documents and EMR integration.


Be better prepared for the when not if of cyber attacks. Spend time at the HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center. This experience could enhance your security practices, to keep your data, communications, and systems safe from harm.


Visit us in the Cybersecurity Command Center


Stop by and see us at HIMSS. You can view a demo of the software and all its useful features. We are at Booth #8699-59 in the Titian Ballroom. Set your appointment before the show and be entered to win i.am+Buttons Premium wireless earphones. See you in Vegas.