Advantages & Benefits of Telehealth


July 30, 2020

Many clinics, hospitals, and other health institutions have started or expanded their telehealth services over the past six weeks. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect daily life and the burden on the healthcare system, telehealth remains a needed component to safely care and treat the public. However, what happens with telehealth once this health crisis is better managed and controlled? Should healthcare institutions rollback their use of the technology and once again focus on in-person visits? 

While broad-stroke decision making, especially in the healthcare sector, doesn’t always make sense, retaining the use of telehealth services makes sense moving forward. As our world becomes increasingly digital, humans are shifting their way of life. It is now commonplace to see people are working from home or ordering groceries from the comfort of their couch. It is only a matter of time before the general public prefers to see a doctor via their smartphone or computer screen, compared to an office. 

While the benefits of telehealth are relatively clear on the patient side, healthcare providers also enjoy advantages associated with the care method. From better patient engagement to ease of use to scheduling flexibility, telehealth is rewriting the standard for modern-day healthcare. 

3 Direct Benefits to Telehealth 

As we explore the advantages of telehealth, it is important to see these key points through a long-term lens. While telehealth is currently filling in a lot of gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of this technology projects to achieve several overarching public health goals: 

  • More specialty care available to local communities 
  • Faster healthcare access for rural communities 
  • Reduced strain on healthcare infrastructure 
  • Minimizes healthcare cost expenditures  
  • Improves patient-provider relationships 

Now to redirect back to provider only benefits, here are three advantages to maintaining and using telehealth technology moving forward. 

Opens New Business Models 

The current healthcare system model is rather straightforward and little major change has occurred over the decades. With the permanent infusion of telehealth services, each healthcare institution has the ability to restructure their business model. In doing so, most cost-saving measures can be implemented, alongside new ways of expanding revenue streams that before were impossible. 

Improves Patient Engagement Rates 

One of the biggest issues providers face is patient-treatment adherence. Many doctors and staff have to re-treat their patients because due to a lack of following protocol. This halts progression in improving the acute and chronic conditions that affect a patient. By enabling the use of telemedicine, patients are less likely to skip doctor visits or avoid physician communication. With the flexibility and ease of access with telehealth services, patients become more engaged with their provider -- making it easier for healthcare institutions to provide better care and see healthier patients. 

Increases Healthcare Quality 

Telehealth is able to increase the overall quality healthcare institutions are able to provide their communities with. With greater resources available, providers can connect with patients in a faster, more effective manner than ever before. By offering virtual visits, providers can quickly assess the severity of a case and provide next step measures -- this ability reduces unnecessary ER room visits and time-traveling for an in-office visit. In reducing unneeded face-to-face visits, providers can better allocate their time and resources to more pressing needs -- helping elevate the overall quality of their institution. 

QliqSOFT and Your Telehealth Platform

Our HIPAA compliant telehealth platform is leading the industry in healthcare solutions. We are helping enhance the satisfaction of both providers and patients and help deliver useful real-world answers to how we can improve the process of giving and receiving healthcare. To learn about how we can help you institute telehealth services, contact us today.

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