HIPAA Camera by QliqSOFT

Upload to EMR with QliqSOFT Secure Texting HIPAA Camera

Turn your smartphone into a HIPAA Camera with the Qliq Secure Texting app. The clinical benefits are enormous and immediate. Users can take pictures of wounds, rashes, and patient documents, and quickly upload to the EMR patient record, a document or imaging system, or share with clinical colleagues and partners.


Why Capture Images with HIPAA Camera?

  • Patient pictures speed up care team collaboration
  • Clinical images add detail to patient record.
  • Document capture and signing eliminates faxing
Read our E-Book, “What is a HIPAA Camera?”  


Pictures captured using the HIPAA Camera are never stored in a user’s smartphone gallery and are never backed up on cloud backup services, such as Apple’s iCloud or Google Drive. The Upload Process follows QliqSOFT’s robust Security Architecture of Cloud PassThru and Public/Private Key encryption. This ensures that neither Apple, Google nor QliqSOFT will ever have access to the images captured by using our HIPAA Camera, thereby providing true end-to-end security and HIPAA compliance.

Using HIPAA Camera in conjunction with Qliq’s Snap & Sign allows for easy creation of digital documents that can be completed, edited and signed right on a smartphone and securely uploaded to EMR or sent to a colleague and partner or even a patient for consent or authorization.


Our HIPAA Camera, as an integrated part of Qliq Secure Texting solution, can add additional benefit of sharing the images with care team members in real-time. When these images are part of a patient’s CareChannel, they improve further the care coordination for value based-care and bundled payments.


In addition to our HIPAA Camera, Qliq Secure Texting offers ease and convenience at multiple levels for every user. One important feature is the ability to upload conversations, documents, images and other media files to the EMR.


Whether as PDF documents or images, QliqSOFT makes it easy to upload those media files directly to the EMR from a user’s smartphone.

EMR / ECM Agnostic

QliqSOFT’s exclusive QliqSTOR Integration Module helps with easy integration with HL7/FHIR/RESTful APIs regardless of your organization’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. Contact our team to find out how we can bridge the gap between your EMR and true efficiency.

EPIC emr
Cerner EMR
McKesson EMR
Meditech EMR
allscripts emr
Homecare Homebase EMR
OnBase ECM

Easy to Use

To upload images to the EMR or ECM, select the file (document, photo, video, or audio) that you wish to upload, then select menu or share buttons and then “Upload to EMR” A search screen will appear, allowing you to locate the appropriate patient by last name, first name, MRN or Admission ID. Select the correct patient from the search results. Age and gender are provided to help correctly identify the patient among those with similar names. Next, select the type of file that you are uploading by either typing or selecting from the predetermined list. Then tag the file with the appropriate descriptive text. These steps will help in identifying the file in the EMR. The final step is to submit the file, which will then be uploaded.

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