Replace Your Pagers
With Secure Texting

Qliq is a patient-centric secure texting platform that easily replaces your existing pager system without sacrificing convenience, reliability, or HIPAA compliance.

Secure Texting vs Pagers in Healthcare

Two-Way Communication

Unlike traditional pagers, Qliq Secure Texting allows for instant two-way communication between care team members. And since Qliq is HIPAA compliant, your users can safely share patient information for better collaboration.

Message Read Receipt

Each message sent via Qliq Secure Texting displays both delivery and read receipts. No longer do you have to wonder if a doctor received your page.

Qliq Assisted Calls

Users of Qliq Secure Texting can easily place calls to other clinicians and patients directly from the app while keeping their mobile number private.

Cost Savings

The costs of maintaining an antiquated pager system while also meeting the needs of text-savvy users can mount up quickly. Since most of your healthcare team already carry smartphones, the cost of implementing Qliq Secure Textingis drastically less.

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A doctor using QliqSOFT secure texting on his phone