Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Communication for Healthcare

QliqSOFT provides continued care coordination during disasters

Your emergency preparedness plan should include a reliable disaster communication tool. Even when disaster strikes, Qliq secure texting keeps going strong, ensuring continued collaborative care.

Natural disasters can occur at a moment’s notice. That’s why proper emergency preparedness planning is vital, especially for hospitals, hospice, and other healthcare organizations. Secure Texting plays a vital role in providing real-time disaster communication during long-term outages. Healthcare doesn’t stop if a network goes offline. Neither should care team collaboration.

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qliq secure texting for disaster communication and emergency preparedness planning

BYOD Cloud Messaging

When your Wi-Fi is compromised, use cellular data to continue care collaboration.

Broadcast Messaging

Keep your care team in the loop with current developments.

Share Images & Documents

Collaborate on patient images, video or documents without having to be at a workstation.

EMR Integration

Upload patient details and conversations to EMR once connectivity has been restored.

See how Qliq can be used during disasters

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Continuing care during EMR outages

Whether your call it an EMR or EHR, the patient record is the source of truth in any healthcare environment. So, what do you do when your network goes down and access to this system is either limited or blocked complete?

Is your communication disaster-ready?

Outages, planned or not, don’t have to impact communications. Our secure texting lets users continue patient-focused collaboration. Upload Entire conversations, images, and other recorded documentation to the EMR post-disaster. Healthcare communication no longer has to be on hold because of severe weather, ransomware, and other causes of EMR downtime.

Is your Emergency Preparedness Plan ready for mother nature?

Healthcare organizations must meet current CMS and Joint Commission guidelines for emergency preparedness. Your Medicare funding in on the line. That’s why we’re offering a FREE plan review and assessment. Get started by completing the form.