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September 25, 2016
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According to a HIMSS research study, over 90% of hospitals still, rely on pagers to coordinate patient care. Unfortunately, this antiquated technology provides only a one-way means of communication, where nurses must waste precious time waiting for a physician to respond to their page and never knowing if they ever received it. That is why we developed Qliq, the best secure texting platform and pager replacement solution that connects doctors and nurses and facilitates true patient-centered communication.

Here's a little more on how Qliq is different from traditional pagers:


Unlike traditional pagers, Qliq Secure Texting allows for instant two-way communication between care team members. And since Qliq is HIPAA compliant, your users can safely share patient information for better collaboration.


Each message sent via Qliq Secure Texting displays both delivery and read receipts. No longer do you have to wonder if a doctor received your page.

qliqsoft pager replacement solution using smartphones


Users of Qliq Secure Texting can quickly place calls to other clinicians and patients directly from the app while keeping their mobile number private.


The costs of maintaining an antiquated pager system while also meeting the needs of text-savvy users can mount up quickly. Since most of your healthcare team already carry smartphones, the cost of pager replacement through the implementation of Qliq Secure Text Messaging for Healthcare is drastically less.Interested in replacing your pagers with Secure Texting? CLICK HERE to request a free demo.

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Ben Henson

A lifelong communicator, this Tennessee native got his start in broadcast news before branching out into public media, corporate, communications, digital advertising, and integrated marketing. Prior to joining QliqSOFT as the company's first marketing team member, Ben shared his talents with organizations that include the University of Alabama, iHeartMedia, and The Kroger Company.

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