Introducing OnCall Scheduling from QliqSOFT

Krishna Kurapati
March 22, 2016

Qliq secure mobile messaging offers the OnCall Scheduling add-on feature, which allows doctors and nurses to view who is on-call in any department right from the Qliq app.

Key Features of OnCall Scheduling:

  • Instantly message those on call
  • View schedules directly from the mobile or desktop app
  • Assign primary and secondary shift members
  • Define shifts by time of day, days of the week, and range of dates
  • Schedule by Department
  • Adjust schedules on the fly to accommodate conflicts and requests
  • Integrate with call centers
  • Add scheduling preferences, emergency numbers and other notes to each user's profile
  • Assign administrator roles to any Qliq user in the organization.

Watch the OnCall Scheduling Demo Video:


When it comes to patient-centered care, Qliq secure texting and its On-Call scheduling add-on feature close the communication gap among care team members.To learn more about Qliq and its many features, CLICK HERE.

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The Author
Krishna Kurapati

With over two decades of technology entrepreneurship background, Krishna Kurapati started QliqSOFT with the strong desire to solve clinical collaboration and workflow challenges in US Healthcare. During the late 90s, Krishna co-founded IPCell to build the first Cable IP Telephony switch, eventually selling the company to Cisco Systems. In 2003, he started Sipera (acquired by Avaya Systems) to solve security issues for Unified Communications' and raised over $30MM in venture funding. Additionally, he has been actively involved in the early-stage financing of startups in both the US and India.

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