Secure Messaging Solutions to Facilitate Realtime Health Record Sharing

Secure Texting

May 28, 2017
medical practice secure texting solution. secure messaging platform for health record sharing

Secure Messaging Solutions are of Interest to: Healthcare professionals who visit patients in at home or a private medical facility, Front Office Staff, Billing Departments/Services. Problem: It is estimated that doctors in the U.S. leave approximately $125 billion on the table each year due to poor billing practices. Sixty-five percent of all hospital bills have an error somewhere in the bill. Challenge: The challenge is to provide accurate and up to date billing information in an HIPAA compliant manner when you are mobile and do not have your front office staff to handle the “paperwork”. This is particularly important when providers are visiting patients at Hospitals, Private Facilities (Small Community Hospitals or Skilled Nursing Facilities) or Home (Hospice, Home Healthcare, Physical Therapy, etc.). Solution: qliqConnect secure texting and secure messaging solutionHow to Implement a Secure Messaging Solutions such as qliqConnect Secure TextingImplementation: On the initial visit, the healthcare provider can take a photo of the face sheet or insurance card and transmit it securely to the billing department/service. By doing this, the healthcare provider ensures that the billing department/service has the Patient Information, Insurance Information, Admission Information, Diagnosis, etc. so that it can establish a file for the patient and quickly transmit the first bill to the insurance company. This ensures real-time capture, verification, and transmission of billing information that is more secure than sending PHI by email or fax.

secure messaging platform for health record sharing

By using qliqConnect on a smartphone or tablet, the healthcare provider does not have to carry notebooks or other forms to document their visit. At the completion of each visit/procedure, the provider can select from a series of quick messages the procedure/service performed and quickly send the information securely to the billing agency. For example, a 45-minute visit for patient Smith. Once the information is sent, the billing department/service can process the claim. If the billing person has any questions regarding the visit or procedure, s/he can use the same conversation context to "Dialog" with a physician to gather the correct information to process the claim. As there is a record of all information sent, the billing department/service can quickly review the information for a particular patient to make sure there are no errors in the bills before transmission or to quickly correct any bills that are being rejected. This saves time and improves the speed and accuracy of billing while improving the cash flow of the provider and agency. Result: The use of qliqConnect

Benefits and Features of Qliq Secure Texting Platform

1. Reduces

a. The time it takes to enter and transmit bills to the third-party insurer.

b. Errors, misinterpretation of codes or other information due to illegible handwriting, and lost charges.

c. Paperwork, since it is not necessary to carry note paper and billing forms to document and bill the visit.

      2. Prevents

a. Failures to verify insurance.

b. Inaccurate or incomplete patient information.

c. Using wrong diagnosis or procedure codes.

      3. Improves

a. Cash flow and facilitates real-time claims processing.

b. Billing departments/serviceability to proactively review/correct claims as they have an electronic log of everything submitted.

c. Scalability across all specialties and practices.


The Author
Krishna Kurapati

Krishna Kurapati is the Founder and CEO of QliqSOFT. He has more than two decades of technology entrepreneurship experience. Kurapati started QliqSOFT with the strong desire to solve clinical collaboration and workflow challenges using artificial intelligence (AI)-powered digital technologies across the U.S. healthcare system.

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