Simplifying the Promotion of Wellness Visits with Conditional Logic

January 24, 2024 12:00 PM

Eastern Daylight Time

Times listed are for Central Time Zone


Bobbi Weber

VP, Product Marketing & Customer Success


Jaimie Bubb, RN, BSN, MS

Customer Solutions Manager



Learn how to leverage chatbot technology and conditional logic to increase wellness visits and impact your bottom line. In this webinar.

  • Impact Your Bottom Line: Learn how leveraging chatbot technology can increase wellness visits and CMS revenue opportunities with customizable health risk assessments.

  • Strategic Engagement: Delve into how you can increase patient-scheduled wellness visits above the low 10-20% average.

  • Enhancing Patient Interaction: Explore how conditional logic in digital tools can personalize and enhance patient outreach, effectively engaging a larger portion of your patient base.

  • Operational Impact: Understand how this approach streamlines processes, reducing front office workload and improving efficiency in patient data management.

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