Qliq-Assisted Calling

Stay Engaged Without Sacrificing Privacy

Qliq Assisted Calling is a simple, yet powerful tool which allows Qliq users to call an individual without revealing their personal mobile phone number. 


When a Qliq Assisted Call in made, the call recipient will see your organization’s name and main number in Caller ID instead of your private number.


Directly connect with patients and their treatment regimens without revealing private information.

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Our physicians do a lot of patient interaction and other apps we had used didn’t provide any protections for them. We used burner phones as a way to get around this but thanks to Qliq we’ve eliminated that problem and burned the burners!

– Qliq Physician User

Key Features

On Demand

Connect with patients without exposing your direct line or cell phone number

Call Routing

Set the call back number to your switch board, front desk, or call center

Caller ID

Display your organizations name and number when placing calls


Securely engage with patients directly from the Qliq Secure Texting app.

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